England Hockey Board - Meeting Agenda

England Hockey Board Meeting Venue:
London 1908 & 2012 Meeting rooms, EH offices
Date: 20 May 2014
Start Time: 11.00
End Time: 16.00

Lead: Philip Kimberley
Note Taker: Helen Davies
Circulation: England Hockey Board Members

1. Minutes of March

  1. Accuracy
  2. Matters arising

Declarations of interest

2. Executive report for noting

3. Growing Participation

  1. Disability Strategy key actions for comment

To be joined by Bev Blackburn Adult Participation Manager

4. Increased Visibility

  1. CRM business proposition for discussion* to be joined by 2 Circles
  2. Major Events update on 2015 and ILC 2014 planning
  3. Major Events 2019 – 2022*

5. Enhanced Infrastructure

  1. Club strategy research* – initial findings from club and participant surveys.

To be joined by Kirsty Goldie- Brammer Clubs and Facilities Manager

6. Strong and respected NGB

  1. Management Accounts for comment*
  2. Capital Investment Panel terms updated terms of reference*
  3. Member of Honour terms of reference for approval*

7. AOB