The Hockey World Cup on Sky Sports

Alex Danson Sky Sports

With final broadcasting deals now locked up, this year’s Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 will be one of the greatest hockey events on TV, and Sky Sports is leading the way with hockey as part of their summer of sport.

This year's Hockey World Cup will be visible all across the globe, and England is no exception as Sky Sports has stepped up to deliver all of the World Cup matches as never before. Sky Sports has exclusive coverage, meaning the FIH streaming in the UK will not be available. 

Sky Sports is one of the biggest sports broadcasters around and they'll be providing UK and Irish viewers with the latest innovation and analysis tools with the use of the SkyPad, previously seen on F1 and football coverage, so this should be some of the best hockey coverage ever seen on these shores.

“We will show all of the matches, all the teams and all the players,” said Phil Marshall, Sky Sports producer. “Sky Sports viewers can follow England's men and women's teams throughout the competitions as well as the reigning world champions. With so many men and women in the UK playing hockey regularly, I'm sure our World Cup coverage will be a popular part of our summer of sport.”

It's easy to get Sky Sports at home, and there's a number of options available to make the most of the upcoming hockey coverage. If you're a Sky customer, you can upgrade to Sky Sports for £22 a month or buy a 'day pass' - access to all the Sky Sports Channels for 24 hours for £9.99 and accessible anywhere via the Sky Go service. Click here to find out about all your Sky Sports options

There's also the new NOW TV Box, an on-demand streaming service that turns any television into a Smart TV, which also has access to the £9.99 Sky Sports day pass with no strings or contracts. The box by itself is £9.99, or there's a 'Sports Pack', which includes the box and five day passes for £34.99.

If you've already got Sky and Sky Sports, you're good to go - just tune in! The fixtures are on the Sky Sports site as Sky Sports 3, so that'll be your place to be for all of England's games, which you can see listed here.

From 31 May to 15 June, the best men’s and women’s teams will take to The Hague to battle for glory and the right to claim the 13th Hockey World Cup title. With 76 matches, 24 teams and 15 countries represented, this climax event of the world hockey calendar will feature extensive global television coverage, high activation from global partners, record YouTube viewership and social media fan engagement, while an impressive international media attendance is expected.

“On TV, at the venue, online or on a mobile device, the Rabobank Hockey World Cup will be the most highly covered and easily accessible hockey event ever seen before,” said Kelly Fairweather, FIH CEO.

Get the dates and times in your diary so you don't miss any of the action - you can find the men's and women's tournament schedules in our International Fixtures section, or all of them together here.

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