England Hockey Coaching Update

As a valuable coaching workforce we want to keep you up to date with exciting projects that the England Hockey coaching team are focusing on so you are kept informed of developments.

As you may be aware there have been changes within the coaching team, which sits within the Performance Department at England Hockey. Below is an outline of the Coaching Team and some of their key responsibilities:

Stuart Guise – GB Head of Coach Development – Responsible for development and implementation of GB Coaching Strategy from grass roots to the elite and support to Performance Coaches
Scott McNeill – England Coaching Manager – Responsible for development and support to coaches within the Single System~
Claire Williams – England Coaching Officer – Responsible for delivery of Coach Education and Coach Education workforce
Jackie Bridger – Coaching Administrator – Provides administrative support to the Coaching Team and all the coaching programme and initiatives
Relationship Managers – Identify local demand for coach development
Regional Administrators – Supports administration and promotion of local coach development opportunities

A new Great Britain Coaching Strategy is being developed, working in partnership with England Hockey, Scottish Hockey and Hockey Wales. Coaches play a critical role in developing and inspiring players and the Strategy will focus on leading the culture and support to coaches in the creation of more, better and happier players.

We want coaches to be better supported, better developed and better rewarded and recognised for the role they play in delivering Hockey. To this point we are keen to hear your views on areas for development and how you want to be supported by England Hockey - a coach survey has been launched which can be accessed here. For those who complete the survey, there's a chance for five lucky winners to get hold of a pair of Investec Cup Tickets!

We are further developing the Coaching Club programme, which is a suite of Continuous Professional Development opportunities that aims to be flexible, accessible and inspirational, to better develop and support the hockey coach. Key topics have been identified and we have mapped out the ultimate journey we want the coach to experience from finding out about the opportunities to attending a quality coach development session that will positively impact on your coaching. The programme is being developed in partnership with Hockey Wales and Scottish Hockey for the benefit of coaches across Great Britain and will be launched in September 2014. Once further details are available we will send them on to you, as we would welcome your thoughts but also hope that you will help us to promote these opportunities to other coaches.

The UKCC has been established for 10 years and following a review by Sports Coach UK of the National Occupational Standards, work is currently happening to develop content against the Standards, of which coaching qualifications are based on. Exciting changes are happening throughout the coaching industry to the way in which coach qualifications can be structured and awarded. This favours an increased modular approach, use of innovative technology, mixed delivery methods and Recognition of Prior Learning.

This work provides the opportunity for England Hockey to evolve and develop the Coaching Qualifications, ensuring they are fit for purpose, needs led and support the development of coaches. With the majority of coaching courses running between March and September it allows us to focus on developing the qualifications, supporting current coaches and getting through the backlog of Level 2 coach assessments from September 2014 to March 2015. To allow this to happen England Hockey will not be starting delivery of new Level 1 or Level 2 courses during this period.

Coaches will still be able to access quality coach development through the Coaching Club Programme, which will be launched in September 2014 and we are planning for Coach Qualifications to be available Summer 2015 in time for the 2015-16 season.

Look out for further communication/newsletters for more up to date information and support to your coaching journey.

In Summary:

  • GB Coach Development Strategy is being developed which will set out the future direction for coaches to inspire and develop players
  • Coaching Club Programme will be launched in September 2014, providing local and accessible quality Continuous Professional Development
  • A review of England Hockey Qualifications is taking place, focusing on developing more flexible and accessible ways of gaining qualifications. This will result in no new Qualifications being planned between September 2014 and March 2015