Beeston U12s at the World Youth Hockey Tournament

Beeston U12s on tour at the World Youth Hockey Tournament

With only senior teams taking part in the Hockey World Cup, a junior side from Beeston decided to get in on the action by taking part in the World Youth Hockey Tournament - an official side event to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup.

Sixteen Under-12 boys from Beeston Hockey Club had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent England in the Netherlands, playing six other teams from Europe - and all of whom were there to win. Some of the team were very young and still have 2 years left in their age group, but they weren't goin to let that stop them!

During the tour to the Netherlands the Beeston boys played well and enjoyed themselves despite losing all their matches but one. While they were disappointed to have lost so many, the opposition was some of the best in Europe: their opponents included the Dragons from Belgium and Mannheim from Germany, who were the eventual winners. However, they learnt a lot of new skills and had a lot of fun out there - they were particularly delighted to go home with a win in their last match!

As an extra treat they had the opportunity to watch the England Men’s squad play Spain at the Hague in their opening game on the Saturday. Seeing so many Beeston players in the England squad granted them some extra cheers!

When asked how it went, the team said: "Overall we think that the tour was absolutely amazing. We can’t wait to put our new found skills into practice!"

This story came courtesy of Beeston Hockey Club and Robert Dowsett.

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