Thirsk HC at the World Youth Hockey Tournament

Thirsk HC U14s at World Youth Hockey Tournament

Beeston U12s weren't the only team out at the World Youth Hockey Tournament - Thirsk HC also fielded two U14 sides to represent England in Den Haag last weekend!

Thirsk Hockey Club U14 Boys and Girls both competed at the World Youth Hockey Tournament in Den Haag last weekend, with both teams making the most of their time abroad on their first hockey tour!

The boys played six matches of 20 minutes each way against the girls' five, and they got the chance to play against some amazing teams; Dusseldorfer, who were German National U14 champions; Braxgata, from Belgium; and Heilbroon from Germany. The boys won two of their matches, and Coach Trevor Bosomworth commented after the tournament: “This was a first ever tour for the club, and to come and play against some of Europe’s finest teams in their backyard has been an amazing experience for us all. The boys will have learnt a lot, showing lots of determination and Yorkshire grit”.

Thirsk U14 girl’s team only lost one of their five games in the tournament, losing out to the Dragons from Belgium. They got a fantastic 1-1 draw with HC Zoetemeer, who went on to be the champions, and proudly came home with a trophy for finishing in 3rd place.

Every team also went to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup to support England Men’s squad as they played Spain, and they all hugely enjoyed the game - even if it was a draw rather than a win. They'll have even more to be happy about now the men have qualified for the Semi-Finals!

After they were all back home, Club Junior Head Coach Bev Longthorne said: “Both the boys and girls teams have won trophies in the Yorkshire Youth hockey league this season, and this has been the perfect way to round off the season, competing in a well-organized International competition. They've all had a great experience out in the Netherlands, and hopefully it will inspire them all to even greater things!”

This story came courtesy of Thirsk Hockey Club and Trevor Bosomworth.

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