England Hockey Board Meeting Synopsis 20 May 2014

Meeting Name: England Hockey Board Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: 20 May 2014
Lead: Philip Kimberley
Note Taker: Helen Davies

Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Rich Beer, Danny Kerry, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Katy Roberts, Sue Bodycomb, Katie Legg, Richard Leman, Richard Sykes

Apologies for Absence

Tony Moffatt

Minutes of meeting held on 18 March 2014

  1. Points of accuracy:
    The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording
  2. Matters arising
    Sally Munday reported that there is an ongoing discussion with the Midlands League re structure.

1. Executive Report

As read with the following points:

  • Rich Beer updated the Back To hockey figures and in total 1000 women played during the week of 12-16 May.
  • Danny Kerry advised the board that the current rankings going into the World Cup are; women 3rd and the men 4th.
  • The Capital Investment Panel have been through the decision making process of who will receive funding for 2014/15 and a summary of the allocation will be advised at the next board meeting.

2. Growing Participation

  1. Disability Strategy key actions for comment

A presentation was made to the Board by Bev Blackburn highlighting the current activities within the disability project. It was noted that England Hockey is still waiting for a decision from the FIH with regards to their intended disability product.

Bev Blackburn will meet with clubs over the summer to gain insight into what is required and a building phase is anticipated during Oct-Nov to develop the tools required, especially around coaching.

The Euro Hockey Championships of 2015 will include a para hockey event and Bev Blackburn told the Board that she is currently working on what this will look like.

The Board agreed that it was a priority to get the structure of the game in place before putting it forward as a paralympic sport. Rich Beer explained that it is more about how England Hockey integrates and improves what is offered and equipping the coaches with the tools required. Mike Stoddard asked Katie Legg if it will be a funding requirement in the future to have a disability strategy. Katie Legg confirmed that this would be the case, however Sport England will work closely with England Hockey over the next few years.

Philip Kimberley said that the disability classification is currently a huge issue in Olympic sports and Sally Munday said that part of the evolvement of the strategy is to help shape our thinking alongside the FIH decision. Philip Kimberley said that it would make sense to align with the FIH.

3. Increased Visibility

  1. CRM business proposition for discussion

Gareth Balch was introduced to the Board and Rich Beer refreshed the Board on the purpose of the project with a presentation.

The Board agreed that the project should continue to be developed with further updates to the Board.

  1. Major Events update on 2015 and Investec London Cup planning

Sue Catton briefed the board on the planning and ticket status for the Investec London Cup and highlighted to the Board that it was a complicated environment with a number of partners involved. Sue Catton also added that the Tour de France comes through the area on 5-7 July during team training and informed the board of the P&L and explained the variances.

Sue Catton showed the board the EuroHockey 2015 logo and a draft of the website, and spoke about maintaining a simple, affordable, family friendly and welcoming approach to the ticketing. The playing schedule can be populated after the World Cup and the tickets will go on sale shortly after the Commonwealth Games. She also mentioned that the first working group for the Masters event had been appointed and will integrate into the main event.

Jon Cockcroft said that sponsorship was challenging and he had met with a few different agencies to engage on a retainer, he credited Sue Catton and the wider commercial team for all of their hard work.

  1. Major Events 2019 – 2022

Sally Munday presented the paper and explained it was a “heads up” to the Board with more information being brought to the Board at a later date.

4. International Success

  1. Club strategy research

Rich Beer introduced the presentation as an update to the Board on the club strategy and that the presentation was an example of what Kirsty Goldie Brammer has been taking to the clubs. The vision is one of more better, happier players and there had been 3800 player responses to the survey from 57% of the clubs. These had been equal in gender and showed a fair split geographically.

Andy Tapley asked if the research had just been aimed at over 18s and Kirsty Goldie Brammer confirmed that the groupings were for U16, 16-24 and over 25s. Kirsty Goldie Brammer confirmed that generally satisfaction is very high however, there were a number of players that were not happy with the facilities; 16% felt theirs was poor, 25% fair and 56% good. The survey results highlighted the areas of least satisfaction for the players and offered the ability to drill down as far as club level

The survey showed that players want more convenient activity and the pattern is different if someone is a player, trainer or coach.

The conclusion of the workshops will be at the end of May and draft headlines will be brought to the Board in September with a wider consultation expected on certain topics.

5. Strong and respected NGB

  1. Management accounts

Ian Wilson set out a positive position to the end of March.

  1. Capital Investment Panel updated terms of reference

Rich Beer explained to the Board that England Hockey’s involvement will broaden from beyond distributing CIP funding received from Sport England and that England Hockey will make more qualitative judgements on which projects it supports with applications to various other funding streams. He was therefore proposing to widen the Panel’s Terms of Reference. Richard Sykes asked if there should be clearer Board oversight over the decisions being made by the Panel and Mike Stoddard explained that the Panel were following guidelines set down by Sport England. Sally Munday added that the Panel do report the allocation of the funds to the Board and part of the reason for its success is the Panel’s ability to make quick decisions and ensure that it is all spent within an inflexible timetable.

The Board approved the Terms of Reference subject to two minor amendments.


Richard Sykes asked what the decision making process was for the Annual Awards and Sally Munday confirmed that the panel consisted of a Board member, 3 members of the RCC and England Hockey staff members plus herself. The panel will be seeking a new Board member to join them next year.

Katie Dodd would like to see England Hockey set up a Hall of Fame. Jon Cockcroft said that it will need to be in line with the strategy and will be considered as part of the Operational Planning process.

Sue Bodycomb thanked Jon Cockcroft and his team for their help in her role as President and also thanked the Board members that have helped out with the presentations.