England's U21 Women in Holland

England U21 Women in action

Between 28-29 June England's U21 Women's squad flew out to the Netherlands to play two matches against the Dutch home side.

Match 1

England 1 (0)
Stephanie Addison 53 (FG)

Netherlands 5 (2)
Sirou Frankema 8 19 (FG, FG)
Sian Keil 58 66 (PC, FG)
Lieke van Wyk 63 (PC)

England found themselves two goals down within 20 minutes of the first half of their first game as Netherlands' Sirou Frankema netted herself a brace from open play. While they pushed for a goal in the remaining 15 minutes, England were unable to break through the wall of the Netherlands' defence whenever they were able to win possession from the Dutch and they remained 0-2 down to the home side.

Both teams kept up the pace in the second half, and it was England's Stephanie Addison who scored first eight minutes into the half. Their joy was short-lived however as the Netherlands were awarded a penalty corner five minutes later, which was converted by Sian Keil. Another five minutes later and another penalty corner came out for the Netherlands, this time finished up by Lieke van Wyk and putting the score at 1-4. With less than four minutes left on the clock, Sian Keil completed her brace with a well-worked goal from open play sneaking past our keeper, leaving the score 1-5 to the Netherlands as the timer ran out.

Match 1

England 1 (0)
Jo Leigh 47 (FG)

Netherlands 3 (0)
Sirou Frankema 43 66 (PC, FG)
Tess van Ramshorst 61 (PC)

In their second and last game of the series England once again saved their scoring for the second half, but this time so did the Netherlands. Neither side could make their way through the opposition, waiting for the break before unleashing everything they had left.

It was Frankema again for the Netherlands who opened the game's scoring less than ten minutes into the second half after her side was awarded a penalty corner. England were quick to respond, working their way up the pitch and staying there until they could finally break through and Jo Leigh was there to fire the ball into the net and level the scores.

Never a side to be held back, the Netherlands re-doubled their efforts to take another win from the visitors and though England kept up under the onslaught for the first 15 minutes, they couldn't keep it up forever without making mistakes and a penalty corner was awarded in the 61st minute, put away by Tess van Ramshorst. Five minutes later and Frankema had earned herself another brace, while England just couldn't manage to score themselves another. The game finished with the score sitting at 1-3 to the Netherlands.

Kevin Johnson, England U21 Women's Head Coach said after the test matches were over: “This has been a very positive experience for the group, and progress made from our last couple of training camps has been clearly visible in our two performances against Holland. We were highly competitive and matched the intensity of the Dutch throughout, staying in the contest until the last period of each game. This will give us confidence as we move closer to the Europeans at the end of July. We now look forward to three matches against Spain at the end of this week."