Investec London Cup - Men's Head-to-heads

England Captain Barry Middleton in action against Ireland at the NOW: Pensions Nations Cup earlier this year - credit Ady Kerry

There's just six days left until the start of the Investec London Cup, and we've done some number crunching for England Men's match-ups over the four days of competition.

We've already picked out who to watch out for as England men go up against Scotland, South Africa and ireland at the Investec London Cup, and now we're looking at their team histories to give us a clue as to how the games might pan out. However, matches aren't won on stats alone, so you'll have to come down to the event yourself to see how the games play out on the day!

The last match of the first day on Wednesday 9 July sees England go up against Scotland at 19:30. Scotland recently hosted a Four Nations tournament in Glasgow and played England twice, and England twice came out on top with three goals in the first and five goals in the second. Every player who scored in that last game is named on the squad for the Investec London Cup, but look out for David Condon who scored a brace in that game and may well hunt for another.

On Thursday 10 July, again at 19:30, England face South Africa - the only team in the tournament that they haven't played this year. England haven’t played South Africa since Johor Bakru in Malaysia last year, which broke a losing streak for the South Africans as the game finished at a 3-3 draw. Of 38 games, England have won just under half of them, with the other half split evenly between draws and losses. Simon Mantell scored four in one game in 2006, and he may well be able to do it again this year in London!

England's last match of the round-robin is against Ireland on Saturday 12 July at 12:00. England have played Ireland 100 times, most recently at the Nations Cup in Reading earlier this year - back then it was a decisive 3-0 victory, but this weekend’s test matches will likely give a clearer indicator of how Ireland might play in London next week. England have scored 262 goals to Ireland’s 112, two of which came from Ashley Jackson at the Nations Cup.

After the round-robin comes the classification matches, and the results from these first games determines whether England will be fighting for third or first place. How do you think these games will play out? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, then come down to Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre next week and cheer on the squad!

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The Investec London Cup is the first event to be hosted on England Hockey's new Olympic legacy venue, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. England's Men and Women will be playing against South Africa, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and with tickets from just £1 for U18s it'll be a great summer day out for the whole family!