Investec London Cup - Wales v Scotland

Scotland 450

Scotland secure their first win of the tournament in a 5-0 victory against a spirited Wales side
Scotland 5 (1)
Catriona Ralph 21 (FG)
Nikki Lloyd 49 (FG)
Vikki Bunce 66, 68 (FG, PS)
Ailsa Wyllie 70 (FG)
Wales 0 (0) 
The first game of Day 2 at the Investec London Cup saw Wales take on Scotland in wet conditions.  Scotland got off to a flying start, with an attempt at goal within the first minute.  They continued to apply the pressure throughout the match, Nikki Kidd in particular coming close to scoring several times. Leah Wilkinson, Elie Barnes and Ellie Bingham were working hard in Wales’ defence, but could not stop Catriona Ralph breaking the deadlock and giving Scotland a 1-0 lead going into halftime.

Wales started the second half strongly, but when Scotland won a long corner midway through the second half, Nikki Lloyd was able to put the ball between the keeper's legs, bringing the score to 2-0 to Scotland.  They continued to dominate possession and Vikki Bunce took their lead to 4-0 before Ailsa Wyllie was able to add a final goal to the score sheet in the last minute, giving Scotland a comprehensive 5-0 win.

Vikki Bunce commented on the Scotland performance: “We’re happy with that result, we knew we’d had a solid first half performance and we felt that if we were patient, the goals would come. So we’re delighted with the final scoreline."