Investec London Cup - Scotland v Ireland

Ire Sco 450

A last minute equaliser saw Ireland draw with Scotland 1-1.

Scotland 1 (1)
Kenny Bain 14 (FG)

Ireland 1 (0)
Timothy Cockram 70 (FG)

The skies cleared for the third match of the day where Scotland took on Ireland in an important pool game. End to end play ensued as both teams were desperate to score the opening goal but it was Scotland who took the early lead. Kenny Bain gave an impressive solo effort ending in a powerful reverse stick strike that rattled in from the cross bar bringing the score to 1-0. Eager to equalise, Ireland gave a strong effort but Scotland goalkeeper Jamie Cachia refused to let anything past him; the score finished 1-0 heading in to the break.

Ireland continued to press in the second half, with notable attempts from Jonathan Bell and Alan Sothern, but they were unable to convert their chances. With just a minute left on the clock, Ireland made one last attempt at goal and were finally rewarded. A well-put pass from Michael Watt allowed Timothy Cockram to score the last second equaliser, bringing the final score to 1-1.

Ireland Captain John Jackson said after the match: "I'll pay credit to Scotland, they are naturally a dogged side and very tough to break down. I think we were deserving of at least a draw in that game. It's a shame our goal didn't come a bit sooner so we could push for the three points."