The Glasgow 2014 logo - did you know?

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 - Be there

Have you noticed the logo for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games? Now we're halfway through the 20th Commonwealth Games, we’ve taken a look at some of the things you might not know about the Games logo.

As we pass the half way mark of the games we're able to reflect on what both the men and women have achieved in the hockey group stages. Having both won two out of three games, each team is currently runners up of their pool. If this stays as it is, England men and women will face the winner of pool A in the semi-final in their hope to become finalists.

Competitive sport is based on measurement, timing and results, and these numeral elements were the starting point to Glasgow 2014’s creative inspiration. Some of the top line figures include Glasgow 2014 being the 20th (otherwise seen as XX) Commonwealth Games, hosting 17 sports, taking place over the course of 11 days, and in one city: Glasgow. So, imagine a circle with 20 segments and that forms the logo’s starting point.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are the 20th Games. This represents the outer ring of their logo, which encompasses the others and is a strong, vibrant red.

Did you know?

  • Seventy-one nations will be competing in this year’s Games
  • The first Commonwealth Games took place in Hamilton, Canada in 1930 (400 athletes from 11 countries, 6 sports and 59 events.)

The next ring of Glasgow 2014’s logo, is an orange gold – “Triumph Yellow” from the CGF palette – which echoes the glint of the winning medals, and represents the number of sports at the Games. It is just over three quarters of the full circle.

Did you know?

  • There are 261 medal events that will be contested at the 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • A record 22 para-sport events will be contested in five different sports, and Para track cycling will be held for the very first time

23 July – 3rd August 2014: 11 days of competition when Glasgow will be at the centre of the sporting world with all the buzz and excitement of results, reports and rumours, new faces, amazing teamwork and rising stars. These 11 days are represented in the third ring of the circle, clocking up just over half of the full circle in an optimistic summer blue.

Did you know?

  • England’s next hockey game takes place on Wednesday 30 July at 09:00 as our women take on Scotland
  • England’s women scored 7 goals in their first two games, whilst conceding none
  • England's men scored 14 goals in their first two games, whilst conceding two
  • Ashley Jackson is England’s leading goal scorer thus far, putting away 5 goals in three matches.

Glasgow, the one and only host city, represents the G in the middle of the brand logo, where all the action has been taking place over the past week! You can see it all on the BBC, on TV, the red button and online, and you can find out all about their coverage here with the special hockey section here.

    Did you know?

    • England have hosted the games three times (1911, 1934 & 2002)
    • This is Scotland’s third time hosting, but its first time in Glasgow
    • Australia has hosted the games the most times, with five games taking place down under