FIH changes to the Rules of Indoor Hockey.

The FIH recently announced changes to the Rules of Indoor Hockey.

Most notably the number of times a team may substitute their goalkeepers off the pitch will now be limited to two per game, as opposed to the previous possibility for unlimited substitutions.

In addition the breaking at a penalty corner regulation, which has been successfully used at international tournaments, is introduced as a full rule. An attacker who breaks into the circle early or any defender who crosses the back-line early is sent beyond the centre-line.

Also a limit on the maximum length of a hockey stick will be introduced into the rules for the first time, all sticks must now be a maximum of 105cm long

Although the actual introduction date for these changes is 1 January 2015 England Hockey will apply these rules to all of its indoor programme for the 2014-15 season.

For further details of the rule changes visit the FIH website.