England Hockey Board Synopsis September 2014

Meeting Name: England Hockey Board Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: September 2014
Lead: Philip Kimberley
Note Taker: Helen Davies


Andy Tapley, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Katie Dodd, Katie Legg, Katy Roberts, Mike Stoddard, Philip Kimberley, Rich Beer, Richard Leman, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb

Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Tony Moffatt and Danny Kerry

1. Minutes of meeting held on 15 July 2014

a) Points of accuracy:

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording

b) Matters arising

A meeting attended by Sally Munday, Jon Cockroft and Rich Beer with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority was reported to the Board

2. Executive Report

As read with the following points:

 Rich Beer verbally updated the Board on the Club Weekend.

 Sally Munday briefed the Board on the National Governing Bodies CEO forum

 Sport England facilities team have been working with England Hockey on the Belle Vue site in Manchester

3. Growing Participation

Jennie Price, CEO Sport England joined the meeting

a) Measuring participation for information

Rich Beer said that to understand participation it is necessary to understand the individual’s activity and what the market looks like. In the current playing market there are roughly 810k hockey players of which 700k are inside compulsory education and 110k are outside of compulsory education. Rich Beer said that the nature of the players was not a static one and a large number of players change over a 12 month period.

The retention issue was discussed and the private / state school split was highlighted but the figures detailing the split within the schools are not currently available. Jennie Price (Sport England) commented that it was interesting that such a large number of people will come out of regular education with the basic skills needed to play the sport. Rich Beer said that schools delivery needs to be more effective and hockey is still not a module in secondary schools, England Hockey want to ensure that children have a good experience with their hockey sticks in school. The key is the bigger sized ball which is available in Quicksticks and In2 hockey kits, this allows hockey to be played on different surfaces and both indoors and outdoors. Rich Beer confirmed that there has been a significant growth in the number of U14s playing hockey but there is still a way to go.

Within the playing figures there are different behaviours to be found; hardcore, core, occasional and cameo. The majority of hardcore and core players are found in clubs / further education settings.

England Hockey will be running direct campaigns with the schools this autumn

There was discussion around information held on the BUCS database and the importance of communicating to those that leave University / Further Education in order that they can be signposted to a club. Rich Beer also mentioned that Saturday hockey is not the only product and opportunities lie within small corporate leagues, summer camps, and one off games. Jennie Price told the board that Further Education facilities are getting more of an appetite for sport to attract students and starting to develop their own sporting amenities.

The information obtained has given England Hockey a sharper understanding of the participation picture, which will allow us to adopt the correct strategy to encourage participation. Jennie Price said that sports that are making the most progress are really good at the “why” as well as the “what”, and don’t lose focus and that the temptation is to spend a lot of money on those who already play the sport and the analysis presented will allow England Hockey to invest Sport England monies in the areas where the sport can be built.

b) Club Strategy for approval

Kirsty Goldie Brammer joined the meeting

Kirsty Goldie Brammer and Rich Beer presented to the Board their findings from their recent research undertaken as part of the Club Strategy development. The conclusion is that 11 aside Saturday hockey is not broken. A number of players wanted a variety of options to play for example; mixed hockey, summer hockey and small sided hockey and from the age of 20 the findings showed that the desire to train wanes and players are far more interested in just playing. The mixed, social welcoming fun aspects of hockey are still very much of importance to the players and the research pointed to 7 items that link together to form a golden thread that should be the basis of how a good club is run.

Sally Munday commented that England Hockey needs to be better at making the most of moving the junior players up through the club system and the GB Talent Strategy should help with using the Single System as ¾ of the contact time for young players sits with clubs.

England Hockey should engage more directly with the clubs and the clubs leadership and is currently devising the tools to offer the support for rolling out the training opportunities to the clubs.

c) “Charlie Matters” for approval

Rich Beer reminded the Board of progress to date and introduced the next stages identified in the Charlie Matters project.

The board discussed the current data available to England Hockey and Rich Beer told the Board that if it is possible he would like to have a version of ‘Charlie Matters’ running by the start of the next season. Sally Munday said that this will enable England Hockey to access information about participation far quicker and easier.

The size, cost implications and stages of the project were discussed in depth by the Board and Philip Kimberley suggested that it may be helpful to have a subgroup of the Board to assist with the project and Philip Kimberley, Mike Stoddard and Katy Roberts volunteered.

d) Media profile of competitions

Sally Munday introduced the paper to the Board.

Jon Cockcroft told the Board that the scheduling of England Hockey events is crucial when hockey is up against rugby and football. Sally Munday said that the Executive team are looking at how it can create content which can be shown on TV

4. Increased Visibility

a) Investec London Cup Review

Jonathan Cockcroft added to the report that 86% of attendees would recommend a friend to attend and that the invites to the teams for next year’s event had also gone out.

b) EuroHockey Championships 2015

As read with the following points about tickets:

 6299 have been sold

 £172k net income

 41% of the budget achieved

The Events team are looking at whether to grow the size of the venue due to the positive ticketing news. Hockey Makers is about to be launched in the next few days and already 400 people have registered their interest. Jon Cockcroft confirmed that he is in conversation with potential sponsors and TV partners.

5. International Success

The Board congratulated both the Senior Women’s and Senior Men’s teams on their medal winning successes at the Commonwealth Games.

6. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management accounts

Ian Wilson stated that there were no real changes in the trends and he advised that he will maintain England Hockey’s cautious approach to year end accruals.

Richard Sykes asked for clarification of the performance deficit and how it is reflected in the figures.

b) Self Assurance

The Board discussed in detail the self assurance questionnaire from Sport England. The Board made a number of amendments but agreed that overall England Hockey met the standards set out by Sport England and UK Sport.


The meeting closed at 1630