England Hockey response to FIH rule changes

Umpire Bruce Bale sees the funny side

In recent weeks, FIH has announced some changes to the Rules of Hockey. Details can be found here and the complete 2015 Rules of Hockey here

The Rules of Hockey apply to all levels of the game and these changes will take effect at International level from 1st January 2015.

However, England Hockey has the discretion to decide the date of the implementation of the changes in its domestic leagues.

Therefore, the England Hockey Rules and Regulations Advisory Group, National Programme Umpiring Association (NPUA) and the English Hockey League committee are being consulted over when the Rules changes will be implemented in the Investec Women’s Hockey League (IWHL) and the Now Pensions Men’s Hockey League (NPMHL). This is likely to either be when the outdoor season resumes in early 2015 or prior to start of the 2015/16 season. A decision will be made imminently on this.

We have also decided that, beneath the IWHL and NPMHL, the changes will not be implemented mid season (i.e. from 1st January 2015). During the early part of 2015, we will be consulting more widely with the hockey community as to whether we apply to FIH to opt out of the introduction of any of the new Rules and, if so, at what levels and/or age groups. A decision will be made on adoption of the new Rules after this consultation.

We will allow the use of the new face masks at all levels of the game with immediate effect. The FIH are introducing them for safety reasons and we continue to recommend that players use the appropriate safety equipment i.e. facemasks at penalty corners, mouth guards and shin pads.