England Hockey Board Meeting Synopsis 18 November 2014

Meeting Name: England Hockey Board Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: 18 November 2014


Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Katy Roberts, Katie Dodd, Ian Wilson, Rich Beer, Danny Kerry, Jon Cockcroft, Sue Bodycomb, Tony Moffatt.

Apologies for Absence: Richard Sykes and Katie Legg

1. Minutes of meeting held on September 16 2014

a) Points of accuracy:

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record.

b) Matters arising

Sally Munday has spoken with Laurie Alcock from the Midland RHA

c) Declarations of interest

Mike Stoddard declared an interest with Item 4a as his wife is an international masters’ player.

2. Executive Report

As read with the following points:

• Rich Beer told the board that a funding application is being made to Sport England to assist with 2015 EuroHockey Championships’ development activity.

• The EuroHockey sponsorship leads sheet was shared with the board by Jon Cockroft. Jon Cockcroft confirmed that England Hockey is ahead of last year’s sales at the Hockey 5s and he is hopeful that extra space can be found to extend the hospitality and a package created. Danny Kerry confirmed that that England Hockey was still waiting for opposition confirmation for the Investec London Cup.

• Rich Beer highlighted that there had been 900 hockey maker registrations for the EuroHockey Championships through the online portal, some of which were new hockey makers and some returning.

• Sally Munday updated the Board on the recent FIH Congress.

• Richard Sykes posed a question to Sally Munday through Philip Kimberley about the CEO Forum in terms of its success measure and the timelines. Sally Munday briefed the board on their measures and the audience that they are aiming at.

• Katie Dodd asked Ian Wilson about the recent fraudulent activity that had been reported by clubs. Ian Wilson said that he will keep publicising any activity and make people aware.

• Mike Stoddard asked if the affiliation numbers for 14/15 are where we want to be and Rich Beer confirmed that it was on trend but it is still hard to predict the final outcome at this point.

• The UK Sport consultation 2017 - 2021 was discussed and as it is open to general public, it was suggested that England Hockey could publicise its existence on the EH website.

3. Enhanced Infrastructure

a) Club Strategy – implementation and communication plan for comment

Rich Beer introduced the Club Strategy paper and Richard Sykes via Philip Kimberley asked what would success look like in 3 years time? Rich Beer said that it would be the measure of engagement and an assessment of how much the club market reach is and a measure across a range of subjects, from coaches to ultimately where the Relationship Manager’s interact with the clubs. Mike Stoddard complimented Rich Beer on the Beta testing.

b) Umpiring Strategy verbal presentation for information

Richard Glynn Jones joined the meeting

Richard Glynn Jones presented to the Board an update on the last 18 months of the Umpiring Strategy. Andy Tapley commended Richard Glynn Jones on the Level 1 portal.

A new pathway for umpire developers (those that are there to support the umpire) is under construction and this is the next stage of work which is expected to take 18 months to complete and embed.

Katie Dodd raised the issue of the number of women umpires and asked if there had been any changes with the number which currently stands at 38%. Richard Glynn Jones said that it remained a fairly static figure and it would be necessary to understand if 38% is good or not as lower down the age group, umpiring is still short of girls.

4. Increased Visibility

a) International Masters proposal for approval

Jonathan Cockcroft presented to the Board his paper for approval and told the Board that he had met with the England masters’ teams’ selectors and shown them the details of the paper, he confirmed that they were broadly comfortable with the direction of travel.

5. International Success

a) Performance update

Danny Kerry updated the board with the VMOST thinking (vision, mission, objectives, strategies & tactics) and the different components that operate within the Performance department and told the Board that the Talent and Coaching Strategies and vision and mission had been signed off by GB Board. Danny Kerry also briefed the board on the coaching qualification changes.

It was acknowledged that the changes needed to get the talent pool larger which will take a long time and one of the more difficult tasks is getting people to think differently within JACs and JDCs.

Katy Roberts asked for regular updates on key areas of risk and how it is working for the Head Coaches.

b) Single System review implementation

Ed Barney and Sara Walker joined the meeting

Ed Barney and Sara Walker presented the current status of the Single System review implementation. Out of the 47 actions that arose from the review, 11 are complete with 17 ongoing. The review set out six categories: Governance, Talent Development, Coaching, Identity & Communications, Workforce and Financial Sustainability.

Katie Dodd asked if the EH structure also applied to Wales and Scotland? Ed Barney confirmed that there were similar talent development discussions with the Performance Directors in the Home Nations although they were separate structures.

6. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management accounts

Ian Wilson confirmed that the auditors had completed their audit and that it had been a reasonable year financially. Mike Stoddard complimented Ian Wilson on the actual figures and the year end projections being reasonably close. Sally Munday said that finance will be a key subject of meetings between the Executive Directors and their reports.

b) IT Strategy

Ian Wilson updated the Board on the Strategy and said that the arrival of Graham Royle (IT and Business Systems Manager) has meant that more conversations had been established across the business and the coordination of these has made EH more efficient. The Board were happy with the strategy and its progress.

c) Risk review for approval

Ian Wilson and Richard Sykes had looked at different risk areas within England Hockey involving injury and received updated legal advice. They updated the Board on the latest legal advice and the move to collect more information on injuries

d) Risk register for approval

An updated Risk Register was reviewed by the Board.

e) Member of Honour recommendation for approval

The Board considered the recommendations made to the Board.

f) Board meeting content plan

The Board agreed the contents and checked that the management accounts were a standing item

g) RCC

For information

h) England Hockey Committee updates

The Board agreed that the content was helpful. Philip Kimberley requested that the Terms of Reference for the committees are collated into one document to be passed to each new board member.

7. AOB

Katie Dodd requested a paper about the regional hockey associations, county associations and their roles.