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Players at The Futures Cup take their coach's instructions on

We are pleased to announce that seven coaching agencies have become England Hockey Official Coaching Agencies and have agreed to work together with us to help increase participation levels among young players in their regions.

The agencies were identified by our Relationship Managers who will work with them to identify opportunities to offer quality coaching within clubs and schools. Their aim will be to deliver a great experience to young players, encouraging them to remain active within the sport by working in partnership with the clubs around them.

The agencies are Major Oak Coaching, Futures Sports, Pocohoc, Total Hockey, Hurricane Sports, Pro Skills Coaching and ONE-HOCKEY

Agency Biographies:

Operating throughout the East Midlands, MAJOR OAK COACHING provides curriculum support for Primary School teachers seeking to improve their knowledge and delivery of high quality physical education in schools.

Hockey is delivered as one of Major Oak’s core sports to all Key Stage 2 children, helping to ensure they develop a strong skill base and knowledge of the sport. Key Stage 1 children are also exposed to the sport as part of their generic sporting skills development. For many of the children Major Oak works with, its hockey PE lessons are their first exposure to the sport and its coaches’ aim is to build a love of the game that can then be transferred into local club hockey.

On the new initiative with England Hockey, Colin Booth, Major Oak’s Managing Director, said: “We are proud to be an England Hockey Official Coaching Agency and hope that the partnership will ensure more Head Teachers choose to use us to provide both curriculum support and delivery of hockey lessons in their schools, thus allowing us to expose more children to our wonderful sport”.

Colin can be contacted at colin@majoroakcoaching.com

TOTAL HOCKEY operates primarily in the West London area and was established following the 2012 London Olympics to run holiday camps and workshops.

The company soon found itself delivering coaching at a number of schools in Richmond, Ealing and Fulham and, in September 2013, re-established Ealing Hockey Club as a Community Interest Company. The number of young players at the club has grown beyond all expectation, with 95% never having played club hockey previously.

Total Hockey continues to grow and now provides coaching for up to 1000 young players per week. The company can offer a wide range of services, including in- and extra-curriculum coaching, hockey camps and academies and coach education to teachers.

For further information, you can contact Jeff Moores at jeff@jeffmoores.net

Located in the South of England, POCOHOC is a hockey coaching which provides hockey coaching at all levels. Through the formation of after school clubs in primary schools, Pocohoc supports the early development of young players through on-site Quicksticks coaching. The company also organises off-site Quicksticks competition, based at a local independent or state secondary school, so that the training the children receive can be used in match scenarios and inter-school competition. Pocohoc then sets up links for young players to join local hockey clubs. Pocohoc only employs experienced hockey coaches and also offers coach education for teachers or coaches from other sports wishing to up skill.

Lewis Morgan, Pocohoc Director commented: “We are pleased to be one of the first companies to be awarded England Hockey official coaching agency status. This helps show schools and clubs we have and continue to meet the high quality coaching standards expected by England Hockey. England Hockey’s support in this partnership has also helped with introductions and signposting schools to us to aid us in increasing participation in the sport.”

For further information on what Pocohoc has to offer, please contact Lewis at info@pocohoc.co.uk

HURRICANE SPORTS give young people the opportunity to play hockey in a safe environment under the supervision of qualified coaches. Its activities are linked to England Hockey’s initiatives and, through providing a high quality learning experience, it aims to help increase the number of young people playing hockey, particularly in clubs.

Gary Johnson, Hurricane’s owner, believes that becoming an England Hockey Official Coaching Agency will benefit both his organisation and England Hockey. Already, England Hockey’s Relationship Managers have been able to signpost quality coaches Gary’s way, allowing him to introduce his programmes into an increased number of clubs and schools.

For the future, the partnership will see Hurricane and England Hockey work together to identify further opportunities for coaching to be delivered, as well as to identify and develop additional volunteers, coaches and educators to enhance what can be offered to young people.

Gary can be contacted at garyjohnson@hurricanesports.co.uk

ONE-HOCKEY strives to deliver the highest level of coaching for all ages and abilities. The company tailors its delivery and workforce to the needs of its clients. In 2014 ONE-HOCKEY delivered coaching to over 1200 players from 6 years old to 40+ in a number of different coaching environments.

Said Simon Lee, ONE-HOCKEY’s Director of Coaching: “Becoming an England Hockey Official Coaching Agency is testament to the work we have put in and the support we have from both current and ex international players. It is a great milestone in our growth as a business over the last 8 years”.

Simon can be contacted at simon.lee@one-hockey.com

If you run a coaching agency and are interested in becoming an England Hockey Official Coaching Agency please contact Richard.Glynne-Jones@englandhockey.co.uk.