England Hockey, Board Meeting March 2015

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England Hockey Board Meeting

Venue Bisham Abbey

Date: 17 March 2015

Present Danny Kerry, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Katie Dodd, Katy Roberts, Mike Stoddard, Philip Kimberley, Rich Beer, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb, Tony Moffatt, Richard Sykes, Andy Hunt, Richard Leman


Apologies for Absence

Katie Legg and Andy Tapley

1. Minutes of meeting held on January 26 2015

a) Points of accuracy:

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record.

b) Matters arising

Richard Sykes asked for confirmation of how the annual report is distributed.

c) Declarations of interest

Item 5a: Richard Leman will leave the room.

2. Executive Report

As read with the following points:

• Jon Cockcroft said that the tickets for the Unibet Eurohockey Championships have continued to sell well along with tickets for the GB / Germany match on April 14. The Eurohockey Stakeholder Board had approved the increase in seating capacity at the venue with Unibet agreeing to be the title sponsor.

• Sally Munday updated the Board on the recent meeting regarding usage of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and co-ordinating the work of the different sports.

• Jon Cockcroft said that the league finals sales were picking up and that GB will play Japan in a one off International match on Sunday 26 April.

• Rich Beer informed the Board that invitations to a ‘secret gig’ style GB v Japan match on Monday 27 April, had been sent out to the schools that enter EH competitions and a fantastic response had been received.

• Sally Munday updated the Board on the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence project.

3. Enhanced Infrastructure

a) New rules implementation

The feedback received from the survey was in favour of all but one of the recommendations and supported a general tidying up of the rules. After discussing the findings the Board approved the proposal and the rules will be implemented from 1st September 2015.

b) Review of Rush Hockey

Rich Beer updated the Board on Rush Hockey. The biggest challenge is creating a regularity of playing. The Board discussed how best to take Rush Hockey forward and the way the game is positioned.

4. Increased Visibility

a) Hockey 5s review and recommendation

Jon Cockcroft summarised the operational and commercial results of this year’s event. The Board discussed the role of the event and indoor hockey in general in promoting participation and increasing the visibility of the sport.

5 International Success

a) GB/England playing at World Level

Sally Munday introduced the paper which set out the issues around GB participation at world level events. There was great discussion around the effects with moving further from England to GB, and Philip Kimberley summed up previous feedback received from athletes and coaches as mixed with various views and said there was certainly no consensus on whether GB should replace the home countries at World Level. There were benefits of having the maximum number of home country athletes exposed to world level competition and equally there were benefits in GB playing as often as possible at world level. The Board agreed on its position to take back to the GB Board.

b) Update to the Single system principles

Rich Beer suggested that the Board separate the principles from the structure and Tony Moffatt asked if the Board were being asked to approve the principles before the Single System Committee have discussed them. It was confirmed that the Single System Committee had contributed to the paper. Sally Munday said that the big change with the Single System was the openness of the current system and that, historically, county trials were run completely differently. The original driver was to address the consistency of opportunity for those who came through schools and clubs and the changes offered in the paper are about evolving the principles. There was discussion around measuring the diversity of the athletes. The Board approved the Update to the Single System principles.

6. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management accounts

Ian Wilson introduced the management accounts and said that he was comfortable with the current position with most of the major risks having been resolved. Richard Sykes asked if the saving on salaries was good or bad news and Ian Wilson said that it was a mixed blessing and was due to staff turnover and was not deliberate.

b) HR staff survey report

Michelle Townsend joined the meeting

Ian Wilson introduced the item and explained that the staff had completed a survey two years ago which had allowed England Hockey to develop the HR strategy. The latest survey was slightly different to the first survey in that the focus of the first was around satisfaction and feeling valued. This second survey followed up on the areas identified in the first as requiring attention and will provide a benchmark for future surveys.

c) Project Africa presentation

Lucy Rowe joined the meeting

Sally Munday introduced Lucy Rowe and Project Africa to the Board. As part of the 2018 World Cup bid it was agreed that England Hockey would assist Ghana to improve its hockey standing and Lucy Rowe is responsible for this within England Hockey. The funding for the project is being provided by UK Sport and the FIH with England Hockey contributing Lucy’s time. Sally Munday said that the objectives were being shaped by Ghana and that this year will be very important in developing the relationship. Mike Stoddard asked if other countries have to run similar programmes if they want to be awarded events and Sally Munday confirmed that the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa are running similar programmes.

d) International influencing Strategy

Taken as read

Karen Brown’s coaching invitation to the FIH High Performance and Coaching panel was commended by the Board.

e) RCC

Tony Moffatt advised that nothing had been raised by the RCC for consideration and the next meeting is scheduled for May 12.

f) England Hockey Committee updates

Taken as read

7. AOB

Anti Doping

Ian Wilson had provided a paper for Mike Stoddard who said that the paper had dealt with education but asked if the UKAD testing programme sufficient or was there a need to do additional testing in house? Danny Kerry confirmed that any testing has to be done by certified laboratories and that England Hockey is not allowed to test.

England Representative on GB board

Katy Roberts accepted the offer as England’s Representative on the GB Board and the Board approved KR’s appointment.

Recruitment for PK successor

Philip Kimberley advised the Board that the advert for role of Chair would be published after the AGM.