Board Synopsis September 2015

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Meeting Name : England Hockey Board Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: 15 September 2015

Present: Andy Tapley, Danny Kerry, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Andy Hunt, Katy Roberts, Mike Stoddard, Philip Kimberley, Rich Beer, Richard Leman, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb.

In attendance Royston Hogarth (incoming Chair)


Apologies for Absence
Katie Legg and Tony Moffatt

1. Minutes of meeting held on July 2015

a) Points of accuracy:

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording

b) Matters arising


2. Executive Report

• Sally Munday highlighted to the Board that the finals’ day tickets for the Women’s Champions Trophy 2016 had gone on sale; and England Hockey was still in discussion with the FIH regarding the rest of the schedule.

• Ian Wilson explained the benefits to clubs of the new affiliation process.

• Richard Leman asked if there would be a performance review of the Euros, this was confirmed by Danny Kerry.

• Richard Leman asked if England would be involved in any non GB activities and Danny Kerry said that there is a development programme for England over the next 12 months.

• The Board discussed the level of entries to the national competitions.

• Richard Sykes asked about the clubs’ contribution to talent development and Danny Kerry explained that this was an area that was currently under discussion and falls under both the Club and Coaching strategies.

• Richard Leman asked who owned the rights to broadcast the one off Internationals and Sally Munday confirmed that England Hockey owned the rights.

• Katy Roberts asked for more details on the East London Activation Programme during the Euros and Rich Beer outlined the progress made.

3. Increased Participation

a) Small sided game

Rich Beer explained that the purpose of this project is to retain people in the game by offering different formats of hockey in particular those aged 13+. The paper explained where England Hockey is at currently and the differing versions of the game.

Katy Roberts highlighted the importance of including a keeper and Danny Kerry said the resultant game will be faster with a need for more goalkeeping and the umpires will be forced into decisions more frequently. It was requested that Rich Beer bring this back to the Board after further testing of the product.

b) Government Sports Strategy

Sally Munday introduced this item to the Board and the purpose of the paper was to share and to gather input. This will help shape the response of England Hockey as well as the response of the NGB CEO collective.

4. Increased Visibility

a) World Events Stakeholder Board; Terms of Reference for approval

Sally Munday explained to the Board that the paper sets out the Terms of Reference that will be taken to the Stakeholder Board on 16 October. The Board asked for clarification around voting rights and conflicts of interest.

The Board were supportive of the Terms of agreement

b) Unibet EuroHockey Championships – Review process

Jon Cockcroft felt that the paper was self explanatory and an England Hockey member of staff was in the process of doing a lot of the work in terms of the data analysis

Richard Sykes asked if feedback would be received from the Masters and Jon Cockcroft will speak with Stephen Barlow to follow this up. Katy Roberts asked if there were any parts of the Euros that had knock on impacts outside the event and Rich Beer said it was important to consider the costs of the staff days taken up alongside the benefits gained. England Hockey had received a number of positive comments from clubs and Sally Munday to forward to the Board a complimentary letter from received from a Club. The Board also discussed the impact of the event would have on the organisation and staff in the coming months.

Jon Cockcroft said that the decision to have the women’s final on the last day and then to have the women win gold was a great outcome and there is not an easy way to quantify the value this has given the organisation and sport.

5. International Success

a) GB Coaching and Talent Strategies

Danny Kerry said that the paper was an update on progress and the challenges in getting there.

Danny Kerry highlighted the restructuring that was underway particularly the calendaring for the JRPC and the importance of ‘how’ to coach.

The Board discussed the diversity of coaches at the moment and the lack of female coaches in particular. There was discussion around the intervention required and it was agreed that England Hockey will need to understand what barriers exist for the women coaches.

b) FIH Strategy

Kelly Fairweather (CEO FIH) joined the meeting and presented to the Board the new FIH strategy.

6. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management accounts

Ian Wilson said that the management accounts revealed no major concerns and no new trends have emerged. The final outcome of the Euros remains the significant financial risk and Andy Tapley updated the Board on the financial review of the Euros which took place during the event and confirmed that there weren’t any unexpected problems anticipated.

b) Committee Updates

As read

c) RCC Update

Sue Bodycomb spoke on behalf of Tony Moffatt and outlined the technical red card regulation that had arisen during the last RCC meeting which the regions would like serious considerations for. Rich Beer explained to the Board the complications and currently no one has a clear view on what is the right solution. He said that there are a number of issues that need to be unpicked associated with the technical red card which involved a number of different people and areas. Rich Beer agreed to take this forward.


• Jon Cockcroft asked the Board if they were happy for the Executives to take the decision as to whether the Indoors returned back to 6s in order for the tickets to go on sale.

• Andy Tapley formally thanked Philip Kimberley for everything that he had done for England Hockey as this was his final meeting.

The meeting closed at 1507.