A Question of Hockey: The Answers.

Alex Danson signs autographs for the fans

We’re sure you all watched Alex Danson on the BBC’s A Question of Sport last night. She showed some superb knowledge and pulled out some cracking answers and more than played her part in a win for Team Tuffers. You can still watch the episode on iPlayer, just follow the link here.

Now on to the serious business. The answers to our Question of Hockey quiz. Nothing at stake except pride, but check below to see how you did!

1. England’s Women have won the EuroHockey Championships twice. Which years did they win them?

Answer: 1991 and 2015.

2. Great Britain captain Barry Middleton recently reached a landmark number of international goals in the test series with Argentina. What was that number?

Answer: 100 international goals

3. What links these players?
**You can probably come up with a couple of links, but we are looking for these specific ones!**

a. Dan Fox and Zoe Shipperley. Answer: Both wear the squad number 27.

b. Nicola White and Maddie Hinch. Answer: Both have played for Loughborough Students, Leicester and Holcombe

c. Sam Ward and Sam Quek. Answer: Both wear squad number 13

d. Ian Sloan and Alan Forsyth. Answer: Both scored their first GB goals against Argentina last week.

4. Who is this defender in action for England at the European Championships?
Answer: Giselle Ansley

A Question of Hockey Image 3

5. Where did Alex Danson start her club career?

Answer: Alton Hockey Club

6. Who is this England and Great Britain star celebrating yet another goal?
Answer: Ashley Jackson

Question of Hockey Image 4

7. Which club did goalkeeper George Pinner play for before moving to current side Holcombe?

Answer: Beeston Hockey Club

There you have it. All the answers to our Question of Hockey Quiz. How did you do? Why not Tweet @EnglandHockey using #QuestionofHockey and tell us!