The Lowdown: Women’s Super 6s Semi-Finalists

Sally Walton takes on Becky Duggan in  the indoor finals.jpg

Bowdon Hightown and East Grinstead played out a thrilling final in last year's indoor competition and this year, they will face off in the semi-final with the winner battling the winner of Canterbury vs. University of Birmingham. Can the Students teach their opponents a lesson? Will Hightown retain their title? Will East Grinstead emulate their men's team? Will Canterbury make it third time lucky? We don't have to wait long to find out, but in the meantime, find out how the teams got here and what they think of their chances.  

Team: Canterbury

League position 2015/16: 1st

Top goal scorer: Anna Kolarova (11 goals)

Route to the final: Played 8, won 7, drew 1, lost 0, scored 28.

Grace Balsdon, Canterbury Captain:

“It’s a fantastic achievement for us to make it to Wembley. I went last year to watch the men and it was an incredible experience, we’re very excited.

We’ve been very consistent. We have a good defence and have been very disciplined, if things go our way on the day, then we rate our chances very highly.”

Canterbury defend a penalty corner

Team: East Grinstead

League position 2015/16: 2nd

Top goal scorer: Emma Lee-Smith (12 goals)

Route to the final: Played 8, won 6, drew 1, lost 1, scored 37.

Joanna Davis, East Grinstead Captain:

“It’s a great feeling to get to Wembley. it’s exciting and it’ll be exciting if we win it. We’re at the stage where we are confident in ourselves. Our excitement has switched to determination. Why play at this level and not want to win it? We rate our chances highly. We showed we can play against anyone and score goals against anyone so we’re very confident.”

EG team talk

Team: Bowdon Hightown

League position 2015/16: 3rd

Top goal scorer: Sally Walton [20 goals].

Route to the final: Played 8, won 4, drew 2, lost 2, scored 42.

Michelle Liptrot, Bowdon Hightown Captain:

“Wembley is really important to us. We’re ecstatic to make it back there this year. We’re really looking forward to it. We have a good mixture of experience and youth. We’ve been there before and it’s a big day so our experience of the day will help. We don’t underestimate anyone but we are confident in our own abilities.”

Tina Cullen celebrates scoring in Hockey 5s final 2015

Team: University of Birmingham

League position 2015/16: 4th

Top goal scorer: Erica Sanders [10 goals]

Route to the final: Played 8, won 4, drew 0, lost 4, scored 28.

Tina Evans, University of Birmingham Captain:

“We’re excited. It’s the first time we’ve made it this far. We’re looking forward to enjoying the atmosphere and enjoying the experience. It’ll be new to us but we’re learning all the time and hopefully we can surprise people on the day.”

University of Birmingham huddle

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