JLL City and Wharf Hockey League New Comers


We take a closer look at a new entrant of the league, Bloomberg, who are  a financial software, data, and media company headquartered in New York City, entered their London arm for the first time this year with a range of beginner to experienced players.

What made you decide to join the team and get (back) into hockey?

Jo Startin: I received an email sent around the company with information about the league and signed up right away. I had not played in years but really enjoyed the sport in the past and saw this as a great opportunity to get fit while having fun and meeting people from other areas of the organisation.
Reni Varga: I had never played Hockey before but once I heard about the league I watched a YouTube video and immediately liked the game. I liked that the sport is played in a big team, is fast-paced and that the rules didn't seem too difficult to grasp as a newcomer.

Mark Heijne: My manager asked me if I wanted to join the hockey team, who am I to say no when your manager pitches a great idea to you! I had not played in years so this was the perfect excuse to get back into the game!

Tell us about the first games! How did they go?

Reni Varga:  Our team’s motivation and enthusiasm completely made up for any lack of skills. Everyone was super supportive and the more experienced players were very keen to explain to newbies how the wind blows on the pitch.
Mark Heijne: The first games were great as we had a mix of new and experienced players, there was plenty of coaching and encouragement from the side-lines, meaning we all had a lot of fun. Personally I didn't think it mattered that we played against more experienced players as I see this as a bit of fun.
Jo Startin: I must admit I was a bit little scared to pick up a stick again after 18 years!  It was great fun though and the camaraderie in the team was fantastic as there were a lot of people in the same boat and our team captain was so encouraging. 

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming games?

Reni Varga:I look forward to growing together as a team and playing even better as we get more experience. With the summer coming up, I am also looking forward to better weather conditions!
Mark Heijne: I’m looking forward to improving on the start that we made.  We all now know our best positions, hopefully results will follow soon!

Jo Startin: I want to improve my skills and my fitness so I can get more stuck in!

Do you think you'll continue playing hockey even once the league finishes?

Mark Heijne: Absolutely, I haven't played since high school so it's great to get back into the game after such a long time.
Jo Startin: I would like to continue to go to training as it is such good fitness and a lot of fun!

League Report

Most of the top spots in the 6 JLL CAWHL Groups were still up for grabs as the first phase moved into its penultimate week. Bloomberg and Arup kicked proceedings off at Mile End, with the latter engineering a structured 2-1 win. CMS Cameron McKenna against the Cheesemakers followed straight after, with the result hung at 4-4. Over at John Orwell, Sainsbury's 'Finest' consolidated their position at the top of Group A with a 5-0 win over the Wapping Mutineers. Tuesday evening saw MacFarlanes ease to a quantitative 3-0 win over the Bank of England to stay in the hunt for top spot in Group B, and the final game saw Barclays bank a 3-0 win against a courageous Wapping Privateers side.

wapping league table 2

Top Goal Scorers

wapping top goal scorers 2