How our men can qualify tonight

Barry Middleton vs Brazil

Great Britain's men are aiming to make the quarter finals of the Rio Olympics when they take on Spain on Friday night at 9pm UK time.

How can we go through? Our men will qualify if:

- GB better New Zealand's result. So if NZ draw against Belgium, we need to win. If NZ lose, we need to draw or win.

- GB overcome New Zealand's superior goal difference. NZ are currently better off by three goals and have scored one more than us, so if NZ win 1-0, we would have to win 4-0 to go through.

- If we lose, we would go through if NZ lose by three more goals than we do. So if we lose 1-0 and NZ lose 4-0, we'd go through. But let's not hope for that!

- Regardless of NZ's result, we would qualify if we win and then Australia lose/draw with Brazil, who are currently bottom having lost all five matches.

The full table with goal difference is on the BBC Sport website here.

Belgium's game begins an hour later than us at 10pm, so it will all become clear through the evening and should make for a tense night of hockey! We're right behind our boys and the game is live on BBC Sport online via this link, and is also due to be on BBC4.