What's the story with our social media exile?

Gb's women in action in Rio

Great Britain's women's hockey team have explained their collective decision to undertake a social media exile during Rio 2016.

Back in July, the squad met as one to discuss their social media policy, taking on board views from every player including those who experienced London 2012 and could pass on their first-hand accounts of an Olympic games.

Since 6th August our women's team have been completely off Twitter, and Alex Danson explained, "We decided as a team to let our hockey do the talking. We are a tight unit and we just decided that we wanted to enjoy the bubble that no one else knows about."

Giselle Ansley added, “We have come off social media as a team. We have decided to stay in our little bubble and focus on ourselves, but we have heard from friends and family that the support at home is fantastic."

Maddie Hinch wrote in her latest BBC blog, "You might have seen that we're under a self-imposed break from social media which is a decision we made unanimously as a squad. The chance of winning Olympic gold only comes once every four years and we wanted to minimise potential distractions and be fully focused on the task at hand. Based on results so far you'd have to say it was a good decision.

"The fact we made the decision as a team shows the strength of the group and our culture. It's enabled us to exist in a bubble, although we're still in touch with friends and family so we're getting feedback on how much support is out there.

"I'm missing social media, don't get me wrong and I reckon Susannah Townsend will be missing it the most. In terms of getting more interest on social media, I always said if we play well, it will come."