Eddie Jones hails Danny Kerry's master coaching

Danny Kerry and his team

Danny Kerry's influence on Great Britain's gold medal in Rio has been hailed by England Rugby Head Coach Eddie Jones.

Jones, who guided England to their first Grand Slam in 13 years and a superb series win in Australia, has invited Kerry to meet his coaching team later this month to share their learnings from an amazing summer for both sports.

Kerry led his team to eight consecutive wins in Brazil, winning gold having already won a bronze at London 2012 and gold at the UniBet EuroHockey Championships last year.

Jones told the media, "We've got Danny Kerry coming in in a week or so. Look at what he's done with his hockey side."

"If you look on face value at the talent in that team compared to the Holland team, it's probably not as great... so his ability to create such a dynamic and hard-working team is fascinating, so we'll learn a lot from him."

"Our coaching staff have been working very hard investigating other sports. With Great Britain doing so well at the Olympics, there are a number of sports to look at and learn from."

Kerry himself spoke recently of 'Thinking Thursdays,' a regular training tactic designed to prepare our athletes to take personal responsibility and deal with adversity from all angles.

"Thinking Thursdays is two hours of very physically and mentally hard training and preparation where we always talk about finding a way to win and that's what it was [in the final in Rio]." said Kerry.

"It's working them to the absolute nth degree in terms of intensity but they have to win the game by doing certain things and it requires them to think their way through when they're absolutely dead on their feet."

"We know there are certain games at the top end of the world game where that's what it's about. [In the final] we had to defend, we had to dig trenches. Then we changed stuff in the last quarter and it paid off."

Captain Kate Richardson-Walsh added, "Danny is a master tactician. He understands the game and spends hours looking at the opposition to find the little differences we can make in our games, the little tweaks we can make tactically game to game. I think that's partly won us this medal."

"The other thing Danny's really strong on is team culture. When he came in a couple of years ago, he really worked hard with the leadership group – myself, Helen and Alex [Danson], Emily Maguire and Ash Ball – to really form the culture of this squad."

"I think that's what you see. When you see us running out together, when you see us huddling at the end of a game, running off to the changing room at half-time."

"That's culture. That's what makes us tick, that's what makes us strong, that's what makes us tight. So under pressure small cracks don't become big ones. We can deal with all those stresses and pressures together as a unit."