Pennine Pumas and Wessex Leopards take U16 titles

Pennine Pumas BU16 Futures Cup Win

Pennine Pumas (2) 4
Matthew White 6 (FG)
Ollie Burton 17 (FG)
Ben Entwisle 38 (PC)
Matthew White 61 (PS)

Wessex Leopards (2) 3
Alex Pendle 8 (PC), 13 (FG), 57 (FG)

Matthew White's goal nine minutes from time was enough to take the U16 Boys title for the Pennine Pumas, Alex Pendle netted a brilliant hat-trick for the Wessex Leopards but it was not enough as the Pumas took the 4-3 win.

White opened the scoring in the sixth minute striking the ball sweetly across the keeper into the back of the net. Pendle scored from a penalty corner to get the Leopards level just two minutes later. The Leopards striker added another in the 13th minute to give his side the edge.

Both sides were attacking and defending well, finally Pumas pounced on the counter attack and Ollie Burton latched onto a ball across goal to get the Pumas level before the half time whistle.

Just a few minutes into the second half Zak Jolly sped down the wing knocking the ball into the circle for Ben Entwisle to hit a reverse strike into the back of the net giving the Pumas the lead, 3-2.

Wessex retaliated immediately. Pendle drove across the circle and launched the ball into the top of the goal giving him his well deserved hat-trick. Both sides were hungry to get the win and the Pumas side found as they were awarded a penalty stroke which Matthew White calmly put away, crowning the Pennine Pumas U16 Boys Futures Cup Champions. 

3rd/4th Match

Mercia Lynx 2 (1)
Toby Stanley 4 (FG)
Zain Girach 61 (FG)

Saxon Tigers 3 (0)
Jake Davey 40 (FG), 66 (PC)
Freddie Britt 41 (PC)

5th/6th Match

Caledonian Cougars (1) 4
Fraser Moran 35 (PC), 49 (PC)
Fraser Heigh 59 (PC), 70 (PC)

Celtic Jaguars (0) 1
Joseff Moyse 44 (PC)

Final standings

  1. Pennine Pumas
  2. Wessex Leopards
  3. Saxon Tigers
  4. Mercia Lynx
  5. Caledonian Cougars
  6. Celtic Jaguars


Girls U16 Final Results 

Wessex Leopards GU16 Futures Cup Winners

Wessex Leopards (3) 5
Phimlee Kung  1 (PC)
Sally Sime 28 (PC)
Sophie McConnell 35 (PC)
Coca Hall 61 (FG)
Kitty Baccanello 62 (FG)

Merica Lynx (1) 2
Lunjika Nyirenda 25 (PC)
Lorna Mackenzie 64 (PS)

Wessex Leopards were crowed champions after an end to end battle with Mercia Lynx.

Wessex caught Mercia Lynx off guard within the first minute which lead to Phimlee Jung putting away the first goal of the game from a penalty corner. Top goal scorer of the tournament Lunjika Nyirenda brought the Mercia Lynx level but the Leopards were quick to retaliate as their forwards hurtled down the other end of pitch for Sally Sime to score from a penalty corner making it 2-1. The Leopards extended their lead on the half time whistle with Sophie McConnell taking the ball from the keeper's rebound to knock it neatly into the net to make it 3-1 at half time.

Mercia Lynx were not defeated and came out in the second half strong but the Wessex defence were solid. Kung put a great ball to Coca Hall who calmly took it on her reverse to make it 4-1. Just minutes later a sprint down the wing from the Wessex attack lead to slipping a ball to Katy Baccanello who tapped it in extending their lead 5-1. Mercia Lynx did not give up and were awarded a penalty stroke which Lorna MacKenzie cooly slotted away. It ended 5-2 to the Wessex Leopards who were crowned the U16 Girls Futures Cup Champions. 

3rd/4th Match

Saxon Tigers (0) 0

Caledonian Cougars (1) 1

Georgia Jones 21 (FG)

5th/6th Match

Pennine Pumas (1) 4
Gabby House 16 (FG)
Lucy Bland 44 (FG)
Rafaela Brandao-Lee 47 (FG)
Mollie Mason 62 (PC)

Celtic Jaguars (0) 0


Final Standings

  1. Wessex Leopards
  2. Mercia Lynx
  3. Caledonain Cougars
  4. Saxon Tigers
  5. Pennine Pumas
  6. Celtic Jaguars