Wessex Leopards boys make a stand for equality in sport

rainbow laces Futures Cup 2016

Wessex Leopards U16 boys took the decision to show their support for equality in sport by wearing rainbow laces during the Futures Cup last week.


Head coach of the side Mal Alexander explains how this came about:

'When we got together we talked about the squad's principles and core values. We talked about being inclusivity and the boys brought up the importance of being inclusive in sport. So we talked about homosexuality, gender, race, religion, all types of possible discriminations on the sports field and we all agreed there is no place for it in sport.  We wanted to do something as team to promote that we stand against any discriminations on the sports field so we came up with wearing rainbow laces.' 

‘The team understand that they now have a responsibility when they go back to their clubs and schools to promote equality in sport. When they go back the other kids will look up to them, they know that this is a big responsibility for them.’

We think this is great that the team wanted to show their support and so did a few others;



For more information on how you can get your hands on some rainbow laces to show your support for Stonewall click here.