Lily Owsley inspires the next generation

Lily Owsley Kilburn school

It wasn’t your average Thursday PE lesson for some pupils at Elsley and Kilburn Primary school when Rio gold medalist Lily Owsley popped by to take the sessions!

PE leader Alex Wilke was grinning from ear to ear when we spoke to him; ‘The children were really excited and as you can see so was I. It has been really inspirational for all the children to see that hard work does pay off. I feel that was the strongest message Lily gave to us. It was also very inspiring to our young female players to see there is a career path for female athletes and it is not just male dominated world.’

Alex continued; ‘I find hockey a really inclusive sport, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome and included. For the children in our school I feel they learn a lot about sportsmanship, it is not just about technical skills hockey teaches them, it helps them to be better people as well.’

lily O at school visit

Lily Owsley took two coaching sessions followed by a school assembly with questions from the young pupils. ‘It was an amazing day, they made my job quite easy as they are just so enthusiastic. They haven’t played that much but their passion they have for it was inspiring itself.

I love doing things like this, we train day in and day out which is brilliant but sometime you lose a bit of perspective but days out like today is just amazing how much you can touch other people and how others can be inspired by our story. To get out to schools like this, it is really special. I just hope I can inspire one kid let alone a big group of them.’

One the kids couldn’t stop smiling after meeting their hero; ‘It was really exciting, I couldn’t get any sleep last night thinking about what we was going to do today.'

This is just one of the many school visits our athletes have been doing up and down the country, celebrating and inspiring young people to play hockey. 

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