Conferences set for 2017-18

Buckingham against Brooklands
The Men’s and Investec Women’s Hockey League Conferences for the 2017-18 season have been agreed.

In the Investec Women’s league there are no changes. 

The five Regional League winners have all previously participated in the league.

Barnes (South) and Bedford (East) will play in Conference East. Team Bath Buccaneers (West) and Cannock (Midlands) will play in Conference West. Fylde (North) will play in Conference North as they did under their previous name Springfields

In the Men’s Hockey League some teams have changed Conferences due to the geographic spread of clubs. Chichester and Old Georgians move from Conference West to Conference East. Olton & West Warwicks move from Conference North to Conference West. 

Unlike in the Investec Women’s League there are two Regional League qualifiers who have not played at this level. Leeds (North) and University of Nottingham (Midlands) will play in Conference North. Havant (South) and Clifton Robinsons (West) will play in Conference West and Old Loughtonians (East) in Conference East. 


Geographical map of the Investec Women's League


Geographical map of the Men's Hockey League