Board Meeting Synopsis - March 21st 2017


Meeting Name:
England Hockey board meeting synopsis

Venue: Bisham Abbey

Date: 21 March 2017

Lead: Royston Hoggarth

Note Taker: Helen Davies

Present: Andy Hunt, Andy Tapley, Ed Barney, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Katy Roberts, Kate Swann, Mike Stoddard, Neville Wrench, Rich Beer, Richard Leman, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb


Apologies for Absence:
Paul Bickerton – Sport England
1.   Minutes of meeting held on 30 January 2017  
a)    Points of accuracy:
The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording with the following amendments.
·           Richard Leman was not present at the meeting
·           Page 2 point 2, amend U21 groups to U21 men.
b)    Matters arising
·           Page 5 The Exec team have not yet actioned the changes. 
·           Page 6 Neville Wrench confirmed that the RCC, as individuals, support the resolution proposed at the 2017 AGM for the Governance review. 
·           Royston Hoggarth and Sally Munday attended the Mission East event held by UK Sport and a copy of the review is available to England Hockey Board members.
c)    Declarations of interest
       Richard Sykes as President of Hampstead and Westminster Hockey Club
2.   Executive Report
As read with the following points:

·         Ed Barney updated the Board on the appointments of the assistant coaches. 
·         The criteria for athletes returning back into the programme was detailed to the Board.
·         Ian Wilson updated the Board on a welfare case. 
·         The charity bank account will require at least two more independent trustees to be appointed. 
·         Sally Munday verbally updated the Board on the positon of the funding contracts. 
·         Mike Stoddard congratulated Bromsgove Hockey on their ‘Walking Hockey’ initiative which has been a huge success at the club.
3.   Growing Participation
a)    Masters Hockey
As read with the following point, Rich Beer and Sally Munday will meet with the Masters co-ordinator to discuss ways England Hockey can help.

4.   Enhancing infrastructure
a)    Club strategy implementation 
Kirsty Goldie Brammer joined the meeting
As read. Kirsty Goldie Brammer presented to the Board highlighting the 7 strands of the Club strategy and summarised the progress achieved so far with the strategy implementation.
b)    Facilities Strategy
As read. Rich Beer introduced this item and, it is England Hockey’s vision that every hockey club has access to an appropriate and sustainable place to play, with a need to protect, improve and develop what is currently available.  The Board discussed concerns over local authority funding becoming scarcer and the issues caused where schools are changing over to becoming acadamies.  Rich Beer thanked Kirsty Goldie Brammer for her contribution to both the Club and Facilities strategy.
c)    Umpiring Strategy 
Steve Tabb joined the meeting
The Board discussed the competing priorities for money and the investment needed for the strategy. The Board acknowledged that umpiring is critical to the player experience and is essential in allowing hockey to happen.
The Board approved the proposed review of the strategy and a paper will be brought back.
5.   Increased Visibility
a)    World League London
As read with the following point. Following customer feedback, changing the venue’s policy on food and drink was considered essential. 
b)    Women’s World Cup budget and ticketing strategy
Sue Catton joined the meeting
Strategy and Budget – Paper as read.
Ticketing - Conversation is ongoing with commercial partners for additional support.  A pre sales window opens in April which will allow for an understanding of the appetite for WWC tickets. 
The Board approved the budget and ticketing strategy for the Women’s World Cup.
c)    Major events 2019 – 22 bidding
Sally Munday highlighted key points in the paper. The Board debated the ownership and the rights of the Home and Away League.  A detailed exercise on the costs of away travel has been completed and the costs of hosting will also be looked at. 
The board agreed to the points raised in the paper:
6.   International Success
a)    Achieving systemic and consistent success- Senior Squads
Head Coaches, Danny Kerry and Bobby Crutchley joined the meeting
Both DK and BC presented their short, medium and long term plans, highlighting key areas of focus and quick wins.  The Board requested quarterly updates detailing potential key issues. 
b)    Achieving systemic and consistent success
As read.  With the following point, an update on the NAGS funding is still needed and the Board discussed different scenarios in the event the funding was not given.
c)    National Age Groups verbal update
No further news but an update should be available after SE has held their Board meeting. 
7.   Strong and respected NGB
a)    Management accounts
Ian Wilson confirmed that he was working towards the year end projections.The Board were positive about the new layout of the management accounts. 
b)    Risk register
Taken as read.  Richard Sykes offered his support to Ian Wilson to develop the risk register further.
d)    International influencing strategy
Taken as read.
The Board approved the proposed strategy
e)    Committee updates
Taken as read.  It was noted that the EH League Committee had not met since the last Board meeting.
d)    Health and Safety verbal update
Ian Wilson reported no new concerns.
e)    Hockey Internationals Clubs revised Terms of Reference
The Board approved the revised Terms of Reference
·         Richard Leman confirmed that the next GB President will be selected at the GB Board meeting due in a week’s time and the new President should be in attendance at the next England Hockey Board meeting. 
·         Royston Hoggarth has invited Bridget Jolliffe to complete a Board effectiveness review.
·         Any agenda items for the Board meeting day in June to be sent through to Sally Munday and Royston Hoggarth.
·         Ian Wilson summarised the forthcoming AGM and the proxy results already received.
The meeting closed at 1800