Slough Hockey hosting European junior tournament

slough juniors
Following the 2016 Junior tour to the Netherlands, Slough Hockey Club will play host to junior teams from across Europe. 

Netherlands clubs, HV Weert, HVZ Zevenaar and MHC Westerduiven and German club, MTV Celle will be playing. This exciting tournament is the final event of the year for the junior academy, ending a very of a successful season for Slough Hockey club.

The junior academy at SHC has developed over the last few years into one of the best in the area and are keen to expand further. The chance for junior members to play with teams from two of the most prominent countries in the Hockey world, will allow them to experience different styles of Hockey, encourage and motivate them to develop their skills and most importantly have the chance to make some lifelong international friends!

The tournament will take place at Slough Hockey Club and a second pitch at Eton with food stalls and entertainment available throughout the weekend. Matches will start at 9:00am on Saturday 3rd June and will end 3:30pm on Sunday 4th June. 

We want to wish the Slough juniors the best of luck for the tournament!