England Hockey searches for creative agency ahead of 2018 World Cup

It’s game on in London 2018, as we play host to the Hockey Women’s World Cup. It is the pinnacle of the sport and the tournament will see world-class teams from across the globe competing in the biggest hockey event the United Kingdom will have ever seen. 

England Hockey is looking for a creative agency to formulate its marketing campaign and assets for the event, primarily for the World Cup ballot in August 2017.

England Hockey’s vision is to create a nation where hockey matters – where it is talked about at dinner tables, in playgrounds and public houses up and down the country. The historic Rio gold medal in 2016, The World Cup and this campaign are central to helping achieve that vision.

We launched a window to reward past ticket purchasers and club members with priority access to tickets – a closed window which empowered clubs to share bespoke ticket links with their members ahead of public access to tickets. 21,000 tickets were sold in 2 weeks – 10,000 were sold in the first hour. This is an unprecedented level of demand for hockey tickets and shows the potential of this campaign and event.

The brief:
Whilst adhering to the event’s umbrella global brand guidelines of ‘Share the Glory’, we are looking for a theme and strong creative ideas to form a localised campaign based utilising our national women’s team as hero figures central to the campaign. 

The brief has 2 elements:
1. Creative campaign and concept development 
2. Asset production and delivery across multiple platforms, including consultation on campaign implementation

As part of the above there is an initial campaign strategy element addressing how to bring England Hockey’s ticketing strategy to life, from which the asset delivery element will be dictated. 

The campaign must have a clear identity, aiming to stimulate the want of gold/glory for our national team and the team being inspirational, to encourage both the core hockey audience and the wider public to get behind their national hockey team. 

The global campaign for the WWC is produced by the FIH, this campaign must take the brand guidelines and creative direction produced at the global level and extend it to create a more targeted campaign for the British market.
The Hockey Women’s World Cup event website: 


The campaign has the following objectives:
⦁ Position the event as the pinnacle of the sport  - prestige of a World Cup is a key selling point
⦁ Deliver a tailored creative campaign for a ticket ballot in August, which could also be used for the general sale launch and marketing up to the event
⦁ Capture the moment of Rio 2016 and position the event powerfully in the minds of the hockey family, sports fans and big event goers
⦁ Build on the awareness and achievements of the England women’s team and drive demand for England sessions and fear of missing out – scarcity of tickets for England is a key driver for sales. 
⦁ Capture data and build engagement to deliver a spectator legacy for the sport 

Please download the Hockey Women’s World Cup creative brief downloadable on this page.

More information on the World Cup brand, ticketing strategy and brand guidelines will be provided to shortlisted agencies.

Please reference the attached brief and submit credentials and requests to pitch to Andy Brown, Head of Sales and Marketing, by 2 June.