Why your team should enter the England Hockey Championships!

EH Champs
Top 5 reasons why your team should enter the England Hockey Championships 

1. Play in a national competition no matter who you are – that’s right, the new England Hockey Championships is open to all club teams not just your firsts and seconds as in years gone by. The chance for competitive hockey on a national stage is now there for everyone, no matter your age or ability.

2. Are your juniors eager for more competition opportunities? Do not fear as we have created a second tier of competition aimed at levelling the playing field and making games more evenly contested for all.

3. MORE HOCKEY. The tiers have been designed for a more level playing field, matching you up with teams of a similar playing ability. No need to fear travelling a long distance and getting beaten heavily. 

4. You can play with your peers. Most league sides are a great mix of ages, from 14 year old super kid to your incredibly skilful sixty year old at the back. The masters and juniors give you an opportunity to play more with your friends. 

5. Who doesn’t love an away day, as one day with your team mates just isn’t enough. Playing teams you may have never faced before, experiencing a new pitch, visiting a town you’ve not been too before – we love away days!

Enter your team today here - unsure of the logins? Speak to your club secretary we have sent them your club login details!