Pure Hockey Gold: Be the difference!

Crowd at Lee Valley

Hosting a home World Cup provides a number of home comforts and the squad are in little doubt that a vociferous home crowd next summer will be most important!

With packed stands, the prestige of the Hockey Women’s World Cup and fast and furious competition, Pure Hockey Gold is set to spark incredible home support at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

Whether it's belting out the national anthem or rallying and supporting the team to victory home support is of paramount importance.

Maddie Hinch says there is nothing better than stepping onto the pitch at home with the stadium rocking, she said: “I have no doubt the stands will be packed to the roof, that environment and atmosphere will certainly spur us on in those moments when we need the crowd most and need to dig deep.

“It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a one off test match or major tournament, every time you step on that field and get that roar it gives you goose bumps and there is nothing better.”

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Sophie Bray is in no doubt of the impact a home crowd has on the team's performances: "To play in front of such a passionate home crowd that get behind you every play of the game is very special. You can hear them all and honestly it does lift us, they are an extra 10% in our performances!"

Hollie Webb added: "Packed stands and everyone so noisy, it's what we love and have lots of fond memories. It's always exciting  to know you've got the backing of everyone around you and I feel very lucky a home World Cup is in my career span."

Details on how to secure your seat to witness Pure Hockey Gold in London next summer can be found here, with the ticket ballot opening on 19 August and a limited supply of England tickets available. You can pre-register for the public ballot here.