Pure Hockey Gold: Prestige of a home World Cup

Crowd at Lee Valley

The prestige of a World Cup is hard to match with the very best teams on the planet coming together to compete for one of the most desired crowns in hockey.

Steeped in history and with players carrying the hopes of their nations, Pure Hockey Gold heads to London next summer with players dreaming of lifting the title and standing above the rest of the world.

For England’s squad the occasion of a World Cup will be made extra special as they compete on home soil and excitement is already building.

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Striker Alex Danson describes the opportunity as sensational, she said: “A home World Cup is quite simply a dream. To have the opportunity to have a World Cup in your back garden is sensational.

“I believe it’s equal to the Olympics in terms of prestige as you have the very best teams in the world coming to play, it’s spectacular.”

Maddie Hinch added: “It’s absolutely massive. Off the back of Rio the buzz around the sport is huge. To play in a World Cup is a massive highlight of any career.”

Emily Defroand is new to the international scene and is relishing the opportunity of a home World Cup, she added: “It’s what dreams are made of. I’ve grown up 20 minutes away from the stadium and I was there in 2012 and thinking this is it, this is what you want to do.”

Sophie Bray says playing in a home World Cup would be a dream come true: “I feel so very fortunate as player to be playing at a time when England are hosting a World Cup.

“It’s such a prestigious event and to be able to do it on your home ground in your home city is what dreams are made of.”