Futures Cup Day 3

Futures Cup Logos 2016

U17 Girls

Caledonian Cougars won 2-0 over Celtic Jaguars in the opening game of the day; this means they take centre stage in the final tomorrow. Despite being first on the score sheet the Pennine Pumas lost 6-1 to Mercia Lynx.  A well worked team attack by the reds gave them their first goal which gave them confidence scoring five more to seal the win.   

Pool A

Caledonians Cougars (0) 2

Dark 32’ Shields 57’

Celtic Jaguars (0)

Pool B

Mercia Lynx (2) 6

Baccanello 41’ Carey 33’ Giglio 25’ Denly 24’ 49’ Hearn 54’

Pennine Puma (1) 1

Mason 19’

U17 Boys

Mercia lynx come from behind to edge the win 2-1 over Pennine Pumas, sealing their spot in the U17 boy’s final at 7pm tomorrow. Wessex Leopards confirmed their place in the final beating Caledonian Cougars 3-1.


Mercia Lynx (1) 2

Williamson 45’ Sheldon 56’

Pennine Pumas (0) 1

West 13’


Wessex Leopards (2) 3

Gough 30’ Hoddle 15’ Stubbings’ 39’

Caledonian Cougars (0) 0

U15 Boys

Merica Lynx booked their place into the final with a confident 5-1 win over Caledonian Cougars in the midday heat at St Albans. It was a thrilling match between salon Tigers and Pennine Pumas as it was winner takes all. It was all level at half time, two apiece. Drama in the final quarter as the Saxon convert a well worked penalty corner to give them the draw, enough to have seen them through to the final. However with 2 minutes to go a penalty flick was awarded to Pumas who calmly slotted it away to snatch the lead and the final spot 4-3. The final will see Pennine Pumas take on the Wessex Leopards at 2.30pm tomorrow.

Pool B

Mercia Lynx (4) 5

Lewis 29’ 21’ Ferris 14’ Hewitt 47’ Palmer 31’

Caledonian Cougars (1) 1

Inglis 23’

Pool A

Saxon Tiger (2) 3

Garner 24’ Phillips 29’ 49’

Pennine Puma (2) 4

Graham 13’ 37’ Johns 24’ 59’


U15 Girls

A hatrick from Archer helped Pennine Pumas to a 9-0 win over the Celtic Jaguars, securing their spot in the final on Saturday. A hatrick from Leel helped Saxon Tigers finish their pool match with a solid 6-0 win over Caledonian Cougars. The final will see Mercia Lynx take on the Pennine Pumas at 2.30pm.

Pool A

Saxon Tigers (2) 6

Plumb 15’ 44’ Naylor 46’ Leel 28’ 37’ 55’

Caledonians Cougars (0) 0

Pool B

Celtic Jaguars (0) 0

Pennine Pumas (4) 9

Alexander 10’ Archer 5’ 32’ 31’ White 21’ 44’ Maplethorpe 42’ Jowett 23’ 58’