The sky is the limit for London Wayfarers umpires

London Wayfarers
With the season in full flow, our attentions on a Thursday or Friday night always turn to the eternal question: “Who is going to umpire our game?" Well, London Wayfarers are tackling that straight on with an ambitious plan to get over 200 umpires in the club over the next season.

England Hockey caught up with Marcel van Eldik, who is the driving force at the club, around what plans they have put in place to support their club umpires and up skill their members.

Our aim is to have qualified umpires throughout London Wayfarers Hockey Club from junior and senior players to parents, coaches and other volunteers.

Knowing the rules of the sport you play or watch is at the heart of this initiative with England Hockey. We are really pleased that together with David Elworthy, the England Hockey Officiating Manager, we can introduce Umpiring Refresher evenings to top up on rules and umpiring knowledge and offer revamped umpiring workshops that fit in with our members' busy lifestyles.

Increasing the number of in-house assessors thanks to Assessor Workshops will enable us to deliver on this. For this season we expect to put a minimum of 150 participants through the monthly umpiring courses including all U16 and U18 players and steadily increase that number in seasons to come. On top of that, we also aim for all senior members to do the online EH rules test this season.

All of these initiatives will significantly increase the number of qualified umpires and players knowing the rules. We cannot wait to get started and hopefully this can be rolled out to other clubs nationwide very soon!

For more information about London Wayfarers umpiring plans check out their website here.

Photo credit: Paul Mason-Barney Design & Creativity