Competition Management System Update

EH Logo July 2017
We’ve been working closely with our appointed developers SportLoMo to introduce a new Competition Management System (CMS) for 2017-18. 

This system integrates the England Hockey League and our revised Championships for Adult, Masters and Juniors and creates a single portal and customer journey for our Competitions. We’ve also shared the development and testing platform with our IT User Group and a number of Clubs at different times. 

We were delighted that our entry numbers for the new Championships in 2017-18 showed an increase on the previous year and that the entry system offered a very smooth process for teams wishing to participate.

As with any significant systems’ implementation there have been some issues. A number of these have been resolved and we are working collectively with SportLoMo to rectify those that are outstanding. We apologise if any have impacted your initial experiences of the CMS.

We can assure users that we have a detailed specification, more functionality, still to be launched and further user interfaces to come which will help improve your experience. We have received positive feedback on new features such as the display of teamlists for EHL matches. 

We are also working on improvements as to how the information generated from the CMS is displayed and links from page to page.  We’re also always happy to receive constructive feedback, please let us know by emailing