Dixon: "I love our collective enjoyment."

Adam Dixon World League

After summer medal wins in London and Amsterdam, Adam Dixon has highlighted team spirit and togetherness as a key part of England's successes in 2017.

Dixon has now passed 200 international appearances and is appreciating the ‘collective enjoyment’ in the England squad.

Playing an integral part in England’s bronze winning campaigns at the World League Semi-Finals and European Championships, Adam also highlights the impact made by new members of the group. 

He said: “2017 has been pretty positive. To see those new guys have such a positive impact firstly on results and secondly on our culture and environment around training day in day out has been exceptional.

“We are in a pretty good position but we are still learning and we have work to do to get to where we want to be. We’ve set the bar at medal standard.”

Adam Dixon v Ireland

Dixon has been impressed with the team's ability to bounce back from defeat, seen at both the World League and Euros , as England responded to semi-final defeats with victories in their bronze medal matches.

“We turn over a lot of stones before we go away, looking at trip hazards, because we had prepared well we were able to respond so well to our semi final defeat to the Netherlands.

“We were able to get ourselves up for a very tough game with Germany and not let ourselves get caught up in the emotion of our defeat.”

The joyous scenes as England overcame Germany in their thrilling 4-2 victory will live long in the memory and for the midfielder these showed how tight the group have become. 

Dixon explained: “I loved the collective enjoyment of scoring goals, not just being one person who has scored, it’s been a collective jubilation and celebratory environment and that’s what I like.

“It’s a good sign of where we are as a squad. We like being around each other and naturally we spend a lot of time together so it’s important!”

It’s been over eight years ago since Dixon made his international debut and having brought up his double century of appearances at the Euros he feels he has plenty more left to give.

“I never really thought I’d get there to 200! It’s obviously a huge milestone for me, I actually made my first cap against Germany in 2009 and lost so to finish the Euros campaign against them and winning personally showed how far I’ve come. I’m 31 and still enjoying playing and feel I can offer quite a lot.”