England Hockey Board Meeting Synopsis



Meeting Name: England Hockey board meeting synopsis
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: 19 September 2017
Lead: Royston Hoggarth
Note Taker: Helen Davies
Present: Andy Hunt, Andy Tapley, Ed Barney, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Katy Roberts, Kate Swann, Mike Stoddard, Neville Wrench, Rich Beer, Sheila Morrow, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb


Apologies for Absence: Paul Bickerton (Sport England)
Minutes of meeting held on 26 July 2017
a) Points of accuracy: The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording
b) Matters arising - Sean O’Hare was welcomed to observe the meeting
c) Declarations of interest - None.
Executive Report

As read with the following points:
· Jon Cockcroft updated the Board with the latest figures for the League entries and confirmed there had been a small year on year growth, Jon Cockcroft will explore the reasons behind this. 
· Sally Munday explained in detail the requirements of the feasibility study at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. 
· Richard Sykes asked for an update on the competition registration system, Jon Cockcroft acknowledged that the complexities required for the system had led to a number of challenges which are being looked into at a more senior level however the core elements are now in place.
· The process for deselection of international players was discussed and the current policy is being revised. 
· To encourage a better relationship with past players, the performance department is hosting an event for all the athletes involved in the Rio cycle. 
· Sheila Morrow enquired about the vacant GB Head of Elite Talent role and Ed Barney updated the Board. 
· Ed Barney confirmed that Paul Revington’s visa has been approved and he will take up his post in September. 
· Ian Wilson confirmed that Microtrading had won the IT support services contract.
· Katy Roberts asked if the culture health check was for England Hockey’s benefit or a requirement of UK Sport and Ed Barney confirmed, UK sport requested it.  
· Ian Wilson summarised the progress to date of the compliance for the General Data Protection Regulation.
· Royston Hoggarth updated the Board with a letter received from the FIH following the statement from Dr Bhatra.  A follow up was discussed and agreed.

Growing Participation

a) Charlie Matters update: Paper taken as read and the board requested a clearer timescale and for Charlie Matters to remain as a standing item on the agenda.
Increased Visibility
a) World Cup Update: Taken as read.  The Board recognised the hugely successful ticket sales and thanked Jon Cockcroft’s team.  Sally Munday highlighted the offer from Polytan to replace the pitch at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. 
Andy Tapley summarised the recently held Stakeholder Board Hockey Women’s World Cup meeting.
b) World League Report: Taken as read.  UK Sport have agreed to pay for the additional security required at the event post the Manchester and London attacks.  A review of the food buyout decision will be completed. 
International Success
a) Senior Programme
Ed Barney shared with the Board the tournament reports for both the senior teams at the Euros and the men at the 4 Nations and WL3.  Ed Barney also gave a quick overview of the current staff team and that England Hockey is still seeking a Goal Keeping coach. 
b) Bridging the Gap
Stephen Barlow joined the meeting.
Paper taken as read.  The Board discussed this paper in depth and its effect on the league structure, regional leagues and umpiring. The Board agreed that the changes will be implemented in the 19/20 season and communication will be released via the England Hockey website.  Neville Wrench requested that a paper the Executive team had received, be shared with the remaining Board members. 

Strong and respected NGB

a) Management accounts
Ian Wilson highlighted the new information on the performance budget, there was discussion over how the budget was monitored.  Consideration for currency hedging was raised in light of the new Pro League.
b) AGM governance resolution
Ian Wilson confirmed that a working group has been formed and Liz Pelling (England Hockey Vice President) will chair.  The group has instigated independent research on the current governance position in the sport.  Yew Consulting has been appointed to carry this out and will identify what the priorities are. 
c) Code of Good Governance
Paper taken as read. Stakeholder engagement will be circulated when completed with the succession planning.  Sport England have not yet confirmed the timescale for any changes to the England Hockey Board.
d) Board Evaluation
Royston Hoggarth welcomed Sean O’Hare.  Sean will assess the meeting and feedback his conclusions and recommendations.  A skills audit of the Board will need to be completed by all Board members. 
e) Committee updates
As read.  Sally Munday explained to the Board how the masters’ selection policy works. 
f) Health and safety
Ian Wilson explained that England Hockey is continuing to sign up as many clubs as possible to help with the injury reporting stats.  Richard Sykes asked if there are more specific regulations in place ie. guidance on safety and Ian Wilson confirmed that there is a section on the England Hockey website. 

The meeting closed at 1440