Hockey family - our clubs need your support!

Shefford and sandy HC
Shefford & Sandy HC and Garstang Academy are looking for your votes so they can grow and develop hockey in their areas. 

Garstang community is a multi-use site which sees over 11,000 primary schools use the facilities, from netball to football and hockey, while Shefford & Sandy HC are looking to develop their club house to help build a stronger community within and outside of the club. 

Tony Payne, chairman of Shefford & Sandy HC, heard about the opportunity to win some money through the Active Luton club network. Tessa Chiswell, a volunteer at the club, then applied initially for training equipment as well as entering a larger development project.

If they win they hope to expand and update the current club house facilities, improve disabled access, add changing rooms of a good quality, expand and improve the bar and lounge areas and also update the kitchen. 

"We want the clubhouse to be the heart of the club to encourage participation from all hockey players, supporters and other sports users in the area," Tessa said.

"The impact would be to secure our long term future in Sandy. People want more from our club than we can currently deliver and this grant would make us desirable and flexible for not just our sport but all the others in the community." 

Both teams are calling on the hockey family to get involved and help them develop and grow. 

Tessa said: "We need the hockey family to help because this money will go to the club/cause that gets the most votes between now and the closing date of 16 March 2018. 

"We can all vote every day until then so every single person who appreciates our desire to win and clicks that button will be helping us towards the target.  We also have lots of regional clubs (junior and senior) who come and play at Sandy and they will certainly appreciate better facilities for their team and supporters/parents!"

Cast your vote here! (You can vote for both as you are entitled a vote a day!)