League Play-Offs head to Birmingham!

With the 2022 Commonwealth Games recently awarded to Birmingham and their University women's Investec Premier Division battling for top spot, it's a great time for the sport in the city!

In addition to this the annual Men's and Investec Women's league play-offs featuring the three Conference winners and the ninth placed Premier Division team playing off for two Premier Division places in 2018-19.

This tournament will conclude at University of Birmingham on the same weekend; the first round of matches having been held at Nottingham the Sunday beforehand, 22 April.

Hockey and Birmingham have strong ties with a whole host of current and former England athletes playing for the University side.

Of the current women's team Sophie Bray, Emily Defroand, Sarah Haycroft, Ellie Watton, Hannah Martin and Anna Toman are all former players while Livy Paige, Erica Sanders, Lily Owsley, Holly Hunt and Holly Munro remain part of the team.

The pitches are housed in a picturesque setting with the Old Joe clock tower on Chancellor's Court making an eye-catching backdrop.

Tickets to our domestic league finals, as well as the Investec Girls' Schools Championships, can be bought here.