League Play-Offs schedule announced!

Play Offs
Who goes up and who goes down!? All will be revealed at Men’s and Investec Women’s League Play-Offs in late April...

The sides in second last place will battle it out with the three winners from the North, East and West conferences, with places in the top tier to battle for.

Nottingham Hockey Centre and the University of Birmingham will play host to these fixtures, with all sides having three games left to save themselves from relegation or secure promotion!

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Sunday 22 April – Men’s & Investec Women’s League Play Offs (R1)
Nottingham Hockey Centre

14:30pm – 
IWHL Play-Off 1 - Hampstead & Westminster (East) v Slough (Premier)
MHL Play-Off 1 -Sevenoaks (Prem) v Oxted (East)   
16:30pm –
IWHL Play-Off 2 - Stourport (West) v Beeston (North)
MHL Play-Off 2 - Uni of Nottingham (North) v Uni of Exeter (West)  
28-29 April – Men’s & Investec Women’s League Play Offs (R2&3)
University of Birmingham

Saturday 28 April
12:00pm – 
MHL Play-Off 3 - Uni of Exeter (West) v Sevenoaks (Prem)  
MHL Play-Off 4 - Oxted (East) v Uni of Nottingham (North)
14:15pm – 
IWHL Play-Off 3 - Slough (Prem) v Stourport (West)
IWHL Play-Off 4 - Beeston (North) v Hampstead & Westminster (East)  
16:30pm – 
Mens 50s T3 final & Men’s 40s T3 final 
Sunday 29 April 
11:00am – 
MHL Play-Off 5 - Uni of Exeter (West) v Oxted (East)
MHL Play-Off 6 - Sevenoaks (Prem) v Uni of Nottingham (North) 
13:15pm – 
IWHL Play-Off 5 - Hampstead & Westminster (East) v Stourport (West)
IWHL Play-Off 6 - Beeston (North) v Slough (Prem) 
Relegation Play-Offs:
Three ninth placed teams in the Conferences play off with the team top of the pool retaining its EHL place at home venues:

Sunday 15 April - Wakefield (North) v Southgate (East) 
Sunday 22 April - Southgate (East) v Cannock (West)
Sunday 29 April - Cannock (West) v Wakefield (North)

Sunday 15 April - Cheltenham (West) v tbc (North)  
Sunday 22 April - tbc (North) v Old Georgians (South)
Sunday 29 April - Old Georgians (South) v Cheltenham (West)   
(tbc (North) decided on 7 April)