We are going on tour to collect your unwanted kit!

Gift of Hockey
On 19th and 20th of May we will be going a road trip of the South, West and Midlands areas of the country in order to collect old sticks and kit for our “Give the Gift of Hockey” campaign. 

If you want a declutter and have lots of unwanted kit not in use then we want it! Get a collection together from family, friends and club mates of unwanted kit, from sticks to equipment to clothing so we can share to those who need it. Let us know here if you are collecting kit so we can organise pick up points to collect on our road trips. 

We will also be looking to cover the North and East of the country on the 2nd and 3rd of June. 

England goalkeeper Amy Tennant will be joining us as part of the road trip alongside hockey player and World Cup sustainability coordinator Joie Leigh. 

Give the gift of hockey is part of our sustainability side of hosting the Vitality Women’s Hockey World Cup, this campaign is all about collecting unwanted kit so we can distribute kit across the country and as part of our TAPS project in West Africa who need it. 

If you’re interested in being part of this road trip, please fill out this survey so we can plan pick up points.