Introducing Fan Central!

Fan Central
The Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup in London this summer just got bigger and better! 
With the tournament drawing ever closer we’re delighted to announce details of Fan Central, a hub for everyone to get together and kick-start their World Cup experience.

- The go-to destination for fans of the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup London 2018
- Covers the size of almost three Hockey pitches where GB’s women won bronze at London 2012
- Big screen, live music, food and drink with a festival vibe
- Free entry, open to all including non-ticket holders

Walk the Vitality Mile from Stratford Station and you’ll arrive at Fan Central. A place to meet fellow fans, shop, eat, drink, pick up a stick, meet your sporting heroes and be entertained. Get together and sample the atmosphere of a World Cup in London!
With a big screen, live music, entertainment, plenty of places to eat and drink and a festival vibe, Fan Central will be the go-to destination both ahead of and after seeing the action inside Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.
Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing more details of all Fan Central has to offer and exclusive extras for ticket holders  - from shopping, activities, eating and entertainment.

For more information and FAQs around Fan Central click here.