Flyerz Week: Forest Flyerz share their journey

Forest Flyerz bday
As it is Flyerz Week we caught up with a few hockey clubs on how they started their Flyerz section and the impact it has had. 

Forest share their journey to help and inspire other clubs to begin and grow their Flyerz section, making hockey for all. 

Forest Flyerz is part of Waltham Forest hockey club, they set up in 2011. They only started with a few players and they have now grown to 20 players at their weekly sessions. 

As they grew in size they found playing as one group they weren’t meeting everyone’s needs. They found they had some players who wanted to be more competitive and play matches, and others who wanted to focus on being active, being social and having fun.

They split their groups into two; Eagles and Buzzards. The Eagles would train outside on the hockey pitch and focus on game play and competition. The Buzzards would train indoors in the sports hall and focus on fun drills, skills and games. 

Flyerz coordinator Hannah said; ‘This was received well by player and parents. The two groups mean we can challenge the Eagles players more. They are the players who tend to play in matches against other Flyerz clubs so we’ve been able to build-up team spirit too.’

‘The Eagles now have more space in the sports hall enabling us to run more creative and fun sessions. One of our Eagles players Molly, has been with Flyerz since the beginning. We’ve seen her develop and she received a Jack Petchey Foundation achievement award for her dedication and development.’

Molly Forest Flyerz

Molly’s mum said;

‘Molly very much enjoys playing hockey in a smaller group and benefits from it being fun based and non-competitive. She looks forward to her hockey every week, it really helps with her fitness and dexterity skills. The staff are always kind and encouraging and she leaves every session feeling happy and confident in her abilities.’

If you want to learn more about Flyerz hockey or how to help make your hockey sessions more inclusive get in touch with Access Sport here. England hockey and Access Sport work to ether to develop Flyerz within hockey clubs. You can read more about Flyerz hockey here.