Flyerz Week: Meet the players

Reece Midland Mencap Flyerz
We caught up with two players from Midland Mencap hockey team as they share their story of how they have fallen in love with hockey and the impact it has had on them. Midland Mencap blog their stories for us as part of Flyerz Week. 

Reece only joined training with the squad in the winter of 2016, and can be quite shy when you first meet him and especially when he is unsure of something, so picking up a hockey stick and coming along to training (in the snow & rain) was quite a step. Reeces first taste of a hockey game ended up with him getting a cut nose, but after that Flyerz Day at the Olympic Park we couldn’t stop him, his progression when we played games was unbelievable.

Fast forward 8 months later to Amsterdam and this was a young man who was the heart and soul of the squad and a great team mate to everyone.

When we were in Amsterdam for the Euro Para hockey tournament Reece played nearly every minute, his energy and his will to win was a major factor in Midland Mencap Flyerz being so competitive.

When we came back to training in September, Reece announced that he had joined a club in Birmingham and was playing for the men's 3rd team at the club. This was a player who was shy and now he is playing away from the Flyerz squad. He still trains with us and loves nothing more than impressing everyone with new tricks and flicks he has learnt from new teammates. Reece is now a real role model for the rest of the Flyerz squad! 

Bryn Midland Mencap Flyerz

Bryn (above with Alex Danson) was one of the players that started training with Midland Mencap Flyerz in September 2016, Bryn had never played hockey before but has a passion and enthusiasm for sport that is unrivalled!

Early on in the training we could see how much energy Bryn had, and how much he put into everything. With some players we had to try various methods to encourage and motivate, with Bryn our mission was to try and slow him down at times so he could control what he was doing, and try and time his runs.

This was a player that I really enjoyed coaching and working with, his undivided enthusiasm and motivation to get better was (and is) a coach’s dream! Bryns Flyerz journey is one that shows what is possible, and how sport can be a catalyst in so many ways in a person’s life.

During the Para Hockey tournament in Amsterdam Bryn played an incredible amount of hockey, his energy, enthusiasm, laughter and smile rubbed off on his team mates and staff. He was Midland Mencaps top scorer in the tournament. The confidence that Bryn got from the tournament, meeting new players and being in a different setting is inspiring.

Bryn now volunteers with Midland Mencap welcoming people into the building, some of the staff work upstairs, it’s so inspiring to hear Bryn talk to guests and visitors. Talking to them all about hockey, how much he enjoys it, and how hemet the England captain. He always finishes how he scored a penalty in the final of a European Hockey Tournament! 

A huge thank you for Midland Mencap for sharing these players journeys with us, truly inspiring the power of sport on individuals. 

Learn more about Midland Mencap here. If these players’ stories inspire you to get involved in Flyerz hockey then get in touch with Access Sport here about how you can develop and grow your hockey club.