2018/19 IWHL & MHL league calendar dates announced

Beeston Women Win Promotion 2017/18
The league calendar dates and make up of the conferences for next year's Investec Women's Hockey League and Men's Hockey League have been confirmed.

You can find the calendar containing the dates of when the domestic fixtures will be held here.

Below is a list showing which team will be playing in each league this season. Furthermore there is also a graphic showing the geographical spread of the teams in each conference - teams in red will be in the East Conference, green in the West Conference and blue in the North Conference.

2018/19 Men's Hockey League

Premier Division
Brooklands MU
East Grinstead
Hampstead & Westminster
Uni of Exeter

Conference East Conference North Conference West
Brighton & Hove Alderley Edge Cardiff & Met
Cambridge City Belper Chichester
Canterbury Bowdon Fareham
City of Peterborough    Doncaster Havant
Old Georgians Leeds Isca
Old Loughtonians L'boro Students Olton & West Warks
Oxted Preston Oxford Hawks
Richmond Sheffield Hallam Team Bath Buccs
Southgate Uni of Durham Uni of Birmingham
Teddington Uni of Nottingham Uni of Bristol

IWHL Conferences 2018/19

2018/19 Investec Women's Hockey League

Investec Premier Division
Bowdon Hightown
Clifton Robinsons
East Grinstead
Uni of Birmingham

Investec Con' East Investec Con' North Investec Con' West
Bedford Belper Barnes
Cambridge City Ben Rhydding Exeter
Hampstead & W Brooklands Poynton Gloucester City
Harleston Magpies Fylde Isca University
Horsham Leeds Olton & West Warks
Ipswich Leicester Oxford Hawks
Sevenoaks L'boro Students Reading
Southgate Sutton Coldfield Stourport
St Albans Timperley Swansea City
Wimbledon Uni of Durham Trojans

MHL Conferences 2018/19

Please note - should there be any future changes to the international hockey calendar this may have an impact on IWHL/MHL dates.