Your World Cup: Small Sided Hockey

Small Sided Hockey Item

The Your World Cup campaign, aims to inspire clubs to seize the opportunity of hosting a World Cup on English soil. We want to work together with clubs to provide opportunities for more people than ever to enjoy our great game.

Recently we have shared the benefits and support available for Back to Hockey, Flyerz Hockey and Walking Hockey and now it’s the turn of Small Sided Hockey.

Small Sided Hockey is adaptable to suit the number of players and space available but is designed to be as true to the 11-a-side version as possible with some unique attacking twists to promote a high-scoring and fast version of the game.

Clubs have seen a number of benefits in offering Small Sided Hockey, including;

Increased income - By splitting the pitch into thirds instead of half’s you can get 50% more players on the pitch at the same time.

More players – Small Sided Hockey is a great alternative for players who want to play hockey but are unable to committee to regular training and 11-a-side matches.

Easily Adaptable – The game can be played 4/5/6/7/8-a-side, with or without goal keepers and in the space you have available. Many clubs have found Small Sided Hockey as a great alternative to lower team training when numbers are low or there is no coach present.

No specialist equipment is needed – With a set of throw down lines (which many clubs already have), you can quickly mark out our pitch and get playing.

No need for a coach - A player or club volunteer can facilitate the delivery of small-sided games to ensure fun and safe sessions. As they are only facilitating activity and not providing coaching feedback they do not require a coaching qualification. For more information one who can deliver sessions, please visit here.

Club Support

To support club’s we have provided a number of tools to help you promote and run your sessions, including;

Marketing Portal: An online portal where clubs can personalise Small Sided Hockey marketing materials like posters and social media content to support with promotion of your sessions.

Small Sided Rules: To get you playing quickly and easily, we have suggested rules here where we split the pitch into thirds for 6-a-side hockey, with or without a goalie.

Relationship Manager Support: Don’t forget to catch up with your local Relationship Manager to share your ideas and they can provide bespoke advice and guidance to make the most of Walking Hockey. Their contact details are available here.

How Do Clubs Get Involved?

If you haven’t already, sign up to Your World Cup you can do that here! Straight away you will be able to access the items above, plus all of the other Your World Cup tools and resources.

Once you have arranged your Small Sided Hockey sessions, make sure you enter them as an event on the Your World Cup portal for potential attendees to find.