REPORT: County Championships Finals

The 60th County Championship finals were played at the Nottingham Hockey Centre on Saturday 2 June.
In the A division final Somerset beat Warwickshire 4-2 in a close match to win the trophy for the first time. 

Somerset took the lead towards the end of the first half  but Warwickshire equalised on the stroke of half time. Warwickshire then went into the lead but sustained Somerset pressure resulted in three unanswered goals in the last fifteen minutes.
In the semi-finals Warwickshire beat Derbyshire 3-1 and Somerset beat Lincolnshire 3-2 , Lincolnshire coming back from 2-0 down only to concede from a penalty corner in the last minute.
In the B Division Final UK Armed Services beat Surrey in a penalty shootout after a 2-2 draw.  
The game ebbed and flowed with UK Armed Forces taking the lead , with Surrey equalising shortly after. 

Surrey took the lead only for Armed Forces to equalise within a few minutes and despite a number of chance neither side could break the deadlock in the last twenty minutes.
In the semi-finals UK Armed Forces beat Bedfordshire 3-0 and Surrey beat the Isle of Man 4-2.
Photo of presentation of he Leonard Bone trophy to A Division winners Somerset skipper Matt Richards by Roger Lomas. 
A Division Final:
Somerset 4 (Liam Headeux, FG (27), James Carson, FG (54), Tom Carson, (PC 61st min, Ross Hardwick, FG (66)
Warwickshire 2 (Martin Ebbage, PC (35), FG (43).
B Division Final:
Surrey 2 (Johann Perera, PC (23rd min, Jonathan Wilkinson, FG (42)
UK Armed Forces 2 ( Dave Brogden, FG (16), Tom Goodwin FG (47)
Surrey 1   UK Armed Forces 4 (APS)
Results of A Division Semis:
Lincolnshire 2 (Chris Porter, FG (53rd min, Louie Sadler, FG (66)
Somerset 3 (Stuart Lougherty, PC (30), James Carson, PC (44), PC (69)
Warwickshire 3 (Joe Paul, PC (32nd min, Ed Waters, FG (37), Pete Jackson, PC( 41)
Derbyshire 1 (Chris Beastall, FG (66)
Results of B Division Semi Finals:

Isle of Man 2 (Alexander Bell, FG (10), FG (66)
Surrey  4 (Robbert Schenk, PC (17), Jason Woodley, FG (34), Tom Mclean, FG 41st min, Andy Pett, FG (42)
UK Armed Forces 4 (Liam Sanford, FG (8), Gary Clark, FG (12), Richard Jenkin, PC (49), FG (54)
Bedfordshire  0