WORLD CHAMPIONS - Men's 065s Triumph in Barcelona

Eng 065 champs

England MO65s are World Champions

The England MO65s were a little less than convincing in their quarter final march against New Zealand.  New Zealand competed well and made their presence felt throughout the game, collecting a number of green and yellow cards.  Despite creating a number of chances, both from open play and short corners, shots went wide or were stopped by the keeper.  New Zealand’s physical presence was such that England’s first touch and passing game was frequently disrupted, despite good work from Hilton, Slater and Smith.  Whilst the defence marked well and New Zealand provided little in the way of attacking play, there was evidence of frustration that affected both build-up and penetration for England, such that the final score was goalless.  Going into shuttles to decide the winner, skipper McCollum in goal for England put on a consummate display, reminiscent of Hinch in the Olympics.  New Zealand were unable to score a single goal from their five attempts.  Rudd was first on duty for England and scored on the reverse, putting England 1-0 ahead.  The other shuttle takers were Ward, Deayton, Talati and Bansal who did not need to run. So, with McCollum’s clean sheet, England progressed to the semi-finals against Wales, surprise winners over the Netherlands.

The semi-final against Wales saw the England side back on song, moving the ball across the field and recycling well.  The back line of Kalsi, Hilton, Mellor and Marshall marked well and created space to move the ball across the pitch or forward, making the Welsh players work hard.  The first two quarters ended goalless, but England had created a series of chances and short corners, retaining possession for long periods.  Ward, Slater, Rudd and Hulbert were moving well and working the ball forward to Wilson, Johnson, Deayton and Smith.   After half time, the introduction of Bansal in centre midfield transformed the game and good work from the forwards set him up to crash home a trademark opening goal.  Some unusual decisions then saw the award of two short corners to Wales, the second of which they converted to level the scores. Bansal then took a 5-minute rest with a harsh yellow card, but England stormed back and with a neat short corner routine finished by Deayton to go 2-1 up.  England continued to work the ball forward and some lovely through balls from Bansal and Dixon nearly resulted in further goals. Final score 2-1 and Man of the match: Bansal.

The final day of the 2018 WGMA World Cup saw England take the field at 16:00 in front of packed stands and the temperatures close to 30oC against Australia.  England began the quarter with pace and confidence on the ball, constructing the play from the back through Dixon, Hilton, Mellor and Marshall.  Up front, Deayton, Smith and Wilson were posting high and with only 3 minutes on the clock good work from Slater, Ward and Rudd set Smith up to score.  Australia were looking to find players high with long balls and overheads, but England were marking well.  Nevertheless, a penalty corner was awarded against England in the second quarter and Australia levelled the score with a good strike.  England struck back with a well-worked short corner routine within 9 minutes, started by Ward, Dixon, Smith and finished by Deayton.  2-1 at half time.  England continued to play with pace, tiring Australia who were unable to threaten skipper McCollum in goal.  Some incisive passing from Dixon and Bansal opened up the Australian defence, with Smith on hand to put the game out of reach with a smart strike on 41 minutes.  Just to make sure, good running from Talati and Slater set Bansal up for the fourth goal only 4 minutes later.  For the final period, England put on a show of controlled but inventive hockey, featuring Kalsi and Hubert on the right, Johnson and Mayo up front and the irrepressible Hilton in defence.  This was an excellent squad performance with Austin on the bench working substitutions and facilitated by the organisation and leadership of manager Crayford and physio Redding giving 18 fit players for the final.  England are well deserved World Champions.

Squad: Peter McCollum (Captain, GK), Peter Austin (GK), Santa Bansal, Bill Deayton, David Dixon, Roy Hilton, Phil Hubert, George Johnson, Bholu Kalsi, Jon Marshall, Allan Mayo, Ian Mellor (vice), Mike Rudd, Richard Slater, Tim Smith (vice), Sarosh Talati, David Ward, Robin Wilson, Pete Crayford (Manager), Jason Redding (Physio)


England – Scotland: Draw 0-0

England – Italy: Won 5-0; Deayton (FG), Smith (PC, FG), Johnson (FG), Deayton (FG)

England – South Africa: Won 5-0; Smith (PF, PC), Deayton (PC, FG), Smith (FG)

England – Germany: Won 2-1; Smith (FG), Talati (FG)

England – New Zealand: 0-0, (1-0 shuttles) – Quarter final

England – Wales: Won 2-1; Bansal (FG), Deayton (SC) – Semi-final

England – Australia: Won 4-1; Smith (FG), Deayton (PC), Smith (FG), Bansal (FG) - Final



Gold       – England

Silver     – Australia

Bronze – Wales

4 Spain

5 New Zealand

6 Japan

7 Netherlands

8 Germany

9 Belgium

10 Scotland

11 Ireland

12 South Africa

13 Italy

14 France